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10 Misconceptions About Gamers From Non Gamers

Gaming has become more and more mainstream over the past few years as the likes of FIFA and COD have made it more acceptable for people of all ages to game. On top of this, the rise of eSports has shown people that usually wouldn’t have looked at games before a new idea of gaming. However, there’s still a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions that come with games and gamers so we’ve decided to call those out and prove them wrong.

1. Games are not beneficial to us in any way

Via wikipedia.com
Via wikipedia.com

It was long thought that games weren’t beneficial to us in anyway other than to cause negative effects such as wanting to steal a car and run people over. However, there are a wide variety of games that have you learning realistic space engineering, physics, maths, English and so much more without the user even really knowing it

2. We have no lives and just sit inside all day

Via gamedudee.weebly.com

There’s this common misconception that because we play video games for a couple of hours a day that we can’t go out, have jobs, have lives and socialise. This is not true. It’s a hobby, not a way of life.

3. We smell and never shower

Via quickmeme.com
Via quickmeme.com

Something else that people think is that serious gamer are all fat, smell and never shower because they just want to keep playing. Once again, this is a very general idea and there’s nothing stopping gamers from hitting the gym, getting exercise and certainly not showering.

4. We get in relationships with people online

Via mashable.com
Via mashable.com

It is true, there have been stories of people forming relationships online. This isn’t all done via in-game chat however. It often evolves from just meeting on the game, to chatting on Skype, to meeting in person, to going on dates and then eventually marriage (if they’re that good of a match). If it’s weird to meet someone in-game, isn’t it weird to meet someone by swiping their picture right?

5. We play as girls in RPGs for a thrill

Via memegen.com
Via memegen.com

You can sometimes see guys playing as girls in video games and some people think this is for some sort of weird thrill. However, it is far more likely that it is for combat benefits or for the different suits of armour they can acquire.

6. Video Games make us violent

Via weknowmemes.com
Via weknowmemes.com

Video Games making us violent was a very old idea to try and stop kids playing so much. However, it has actually proven that video games are now seen as hobbies and downtime and a chance for kids and adults to relax from school, work and or other stresses in life.

7. Because we play games we are automatically nerds and know how to code and fix every digital device

Via denverlibrary.org
Via denverlibrary.org

We spend a lot of time in front of a computer right? Well surely that means we know how to fix that virus on your phone? Wrong. Yes, a lot of gamers do have to know a lot about computers to do mods, patches installs and fix problems with games, but to assume we all do is naive.

8. We can’t make a career or money out of playing video games all day

Via gameplanet.co.nz
Via gameplanet.co.nz

If your parents have ever said playing video games is a waste of time, then show them PewDiePie’s income and then compare it to theirs and we’re sure that’ll keep them quiet.

9. Video Games aren’t a form of art

Via zavvi.com
Via zavvi.com

How people can argue that video games aren’t art. If you look at a painting and it looks close to real-life, you claim it’s good. Yet if you look at video games and they look close to real-life, they’re not? Plus, have you SEEN Journey? It looks like a beautiful painting throughout.

10. Games are for kids to play and not adults

Via businessinsider.com
Via businessinsider.com

The final and biggest problem us gamers face is that video games are seen as kids toys. In fact, a lot of the big titles coming out these days have very mature ratings are specifically designed for mature audiences. On top of this, the eSports scene is filled with 20-30-year-olds earning huge amounts of money to win tournaments.


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