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Animals Who Just Want to Work Out Like their Owners

Your pet can be your best friend in the world. They want to sleep in your bed, eat your food and follow you wherever you go. It’s little wonder that our pets are now wanting to exercise like us too. The only issue being that while we look like a big sweaty mess after 2 minutes, animals still look frankly adorable.

We’d hate them if they weren’t so cute… Here are 15 of our favourite animals that just wanted to work out like their owners:

1.  The dog that does aerobics

It’s a bit embarrassing when the dog is better at it than you, though.

2. The dog who regretted being a personal trainer

via Healthline.com

Who needs to wear a weights bag when man’s best friend can ensure you’re lifting more.

3.  These Corgis who know you’ll never look as cute as them on a treadmill

via Hair-paradise.ru

But they’ll let you take them for a walk as practice.

4. A dog that has seen their owner doing too much yoga wrong

via Carafriedman.wordpress.com

THAT’S how you do yoga.

5. The cat who stretches better than the humans in the class

via Pinterest.com

If only we could pull off a stretch like that.

6. These pooches with superb gym fashion

via Popsugar.com

You can’t beat 80’s gym fashion.

7. This walrus who takes fitness very serious

via ThingsIlove.com.br

Although he clearly doesn’t enjoy aqua aerobics.

8. The cat who loves being a personal trainer

via Huffingtonpost.com

Lower human! Lower!

9. This fluffy kitten who lifts

via Huffingtonpost.com

Give it a few months and he’ll be Jean-Claude Van Damme

10. This power walking pooch

via K945.com

Shame junior hasn’t quite learned how the treadmill works yet.

11. This cat gym class

via Hellogiggles.com

Hopefully no balls were burst from a wayward claw.

12. This marathon piggy

via Myproana.com

No one will be calling this piggy porky after all that walking.

13. This bird who must be related to David Beckham

via Cheezburger.com

He’ll be trying out for the national squad soon.

14. This cat who works out for 2 hours every day

via Ahajokes.com

People would kill for abs like that.

15. Not all animals want to work out though

via Pics.myspew.com

And they don’t like it when their humans exercise either…

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