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Top 10 Embarrassing Interviews to Make You Cringe – #6 is Aww

Being a celebrity must be hard work. Even after you’ve finished your day job you have to then go and talk to people about your day job. Interviews must become boring a tedious with the same questions being asked over and over again. Then every now and again something will be said or done and the interview just goes downhill. Here are the Top 10 most cringeworthy interviews. Watch them if you can stand it!”

10. Chris Stark & Mila Kunis

This one only just makes the list because it is actually very funny watch, in an awkward kind of way. Stark goes completely off topic and rambles about football and his friends and taking Kunis into town. It’s awkward to watch but Kunis did say afterwards that she found it to be her favourite interview.

9. Bruce Willis & Jamie Edwards


This is the most recent of Willis’ awkward interviews. You know it’s never going to a good when the interviewee states that they are ‘just selling the film now’ and that the ‘fun part’ was making the movie. Not a fan of interviews then it seems!

8. Clive Anderson & The Bee Gees

If you are a TV host it is probably never a good idea to insinuate that your guests are ‘to**ers’. But that is exactly what Clive Anderson did. Whether he was joking or not The Bee Gees didn’t see the funny side and walked away.

7. Johnny Rotten & Carrie Bickmore


He may have a reputation for being a punk rocker but that’s no reason to tell a reporter to ‘shut up’. It gets even more cringeworthy when he tells the female reporter that ‘when a man is talking, do not interrupt’. Living up to the name there Mr Rotten.

6. John Cusack & Student Interviewer

This one doesn’t even get off the ground before it gets awkward. The USC student interviewer, who clearly didn’t do her research, mistakes Cusack for Kevin Spacey and attempts to talk about American Beauty – a film starring Spacey. This is definitely not how to kick off a professional interview.

5. Tom Cruise on The Today Show

Tom Cruise has developed a bit of a reputation for being an arrogant idiot. This interview back in 2005 certainly didn’t do anything to help that image. After refusing to see the interviewers point of view and coming across as a complete know all, Cruise decided 3 years later when he was invited back on the show that he should actually apologise.

4. Krishnan Guru-Murthy & Quentin Tarantino

This interview shows how much Quentin Tarantino does not like to discuss the level of violence in his movies! Unfortunately for him, Guru-Murthy is not not an interviewer who will just let it go.

3. Boyzone’s Very First Irish Interview

Having achieved so much success, this probably isn’t the only cringeworthy interview they have done. However, it painful to watch the Boyzone guys standing around while they are basically berated and told they have no talent.

2. Krishnan Guru-Murthy & Robert Downey Jr

Guru-Murthy is back! This time it’s with Robery Downey Jr who didn’t take too kindly to the interview questions. In fact, after being asked about his past he chose to decline to answer and actually walked out of the interview.

1. Parkinson & Meg Ryan

The Parkinson vs Meg Ryan interview has got to be the most infamous of cringeworthy TV moments. Right from the start something wasn’t right and whether it was Ryan’s behaviour or Parkinson’s probing questions, it was never going to end well. In fact it ended quickly with Ryan requesting they ‘wrap it up’.


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