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Some Of The Most Used Batman’s Batsuits Of All Time

With Batman being one of the biggest talking points right now with Arkham Knight recieving a lot of attention, both and bad, we thought it would be a great idea to run down our top 10 favourite Batsuits of all time. These Batsuits come from comic books only, with a few grey areas which we will explain. If you feel that you can think of any cooler Batsuits then be sure to voice away in the comments on which you’d add to this list.

The Original Batsuit

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Via VariantComics

There’s no doubt that the original Batsuit is one of the greatest of all time. It offers up the classic look and original look at where Batman began and also shows you that the suit has stayed relatively the same for nearly 80 years!

Knightfall Batman

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When Batman had his back broken by Bane, he had Jean-Paul Valley take over his mantle as Batman for a while. The Batman replacement donned the Knightfall Batman suit which just looks seriously cool and a lot different from any other Batsuit out there.

Flashpoint Batman

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Flashpoint Batman is another really cool looking Batsuit, but also another Batsuit that was not worn by Bruce Wayne but by another. This suit was worn by Bruce’s dad, Thomas Wayne when Reverse Flash screwed up the timelines which leads to Bruce being gunned down in the valley rather than his parents. The red and black just look really cool together along with the red eyes.

Bruce Wayne’s Earth 2 Batsuit

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This Batsuit offers up a really cool look back at the yellow belt that Batman used to don before his modern look started to take over. Along with this, a redesign of the Bat symbol on his chest offers up a far more modern, almost metallic look at Batman.

Batman Incorporated Batsuit

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This Batsuit is another look at the old Batsuit modernised. This one, however, has an even more likeness to the original with the yellow Bat- symbol used on the chest. The symbol actually glowed yellow which is a really cool feature. The rest of the costume is very modernised but it’s nice to see these classic Batsuit touches added in.

Arkham Asylum Game Batsuit

Via neoseeker.com
Via neoseeker.com

We mentioned all these Batsuits would be from comic books and despite this being from the Arkham Asylum game, these were eventually made into a comic book series too. This suit gives off a huge muscular form, donning the classic yellow utility belt again and enormous gauntlets for all the legendary combat involved in the game.

Arkham Origins Game Batsuit

Via comicvine.com

Another Batsuit from the Arkham series that looked really badass is the Batsuit from Arkham Origins. They did away with any colour and really darkened the suit to create a darker and more scary Batman for all to play with. It looks cleaner than ever before and uses a lot of armour plating for combat support.

Arkham Knight Game Batsuit

Via gameplanet.com.au

The Arkham game series is one of the best superhero game series ever, possibly one of the best game series ever fullstop. Therefore, coming in at third is the latest and greatest in the series, the Arkham Knight Batsuit. After about 20 minutes in-game, you recieve this Batsuit which offers up more armour plating, a slightly yellowed utility belt and the ability to make any man look incredibly buff.

Classic Black and Grey

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Via VariantComics

When people think of Batman, this is the Batsuit they think of today. When people come to create Batsuits for new comics, new films, new games, this is the colour combination and look that they usually try and copy. Therefore, it comes in as the second best Batsuit of all time.

Batman: The Animated Series Batsuit

Via VariantComics
Via VariantComics

Finally, at number 1 is the Batman: The Animates Series Batsuit. We feel that is the best Batsuit that’s ever existed. We feel that it signifies all the best things about Batman. The yellow badge and utility belt, the black and blue cape, the pointy gauntlets, the grey suit. However, when it comes to night and Batman stalking his villains, with a simply swish of his cape, he becomes merely an object with white haunting eyes. Brilliant!


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