You Will Jump When You Know These 10 ‘Facts’ Are Completely False – You Won’t Believe #4


Whether you pick them up in an out of date school text book as a teenager, find them on the web, or hear them anecdotally, urban myths disguised as facts are everywhere. Here are ten popular ‘facts’ that nearly everyone believes to be true, but in reality are absolute codswallop.

1. The Great Wall Of China Is The Only Man-Made Object You Can See From Space

An impressive 5,500 miles long, no one is denying that The Great Wall Of China is a very big wall. However, it’s not so big that you can see it with the naked-eye from space. Why isn’t it visible? Mainly because the wall was constructed from rocks and other materials collected from the local landscape, meaning it blends into the background. Even with a very strong camera lens, astronauts in low-Earth orbit would have difficulty picking it out, although it can be seen in radar images. Objects you can see include the Great Pyramids of Giza, lonely desert roads and multiple cities at night.