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The 10 Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child You Wished Were Still There!

Before we were all mindlessly scrolling through our news-feeds on a variety of apps, or Snapchatting our daily shenanigans to a bunch of followers, we were kids who just played with good ol’ fashioned toys and had a Nokia 32.10 if we were very lucky. Here are the 10 greatest toys you probably had as a child.

9. Alien Eggs

Remember the rumor that if you stuck two of these together that they’d make a baby? You know there was at least one kid in your class who tried this and miserably failed. To be honest, I remember a bunch of them getting stuck to our classroom ceiling when we thought it’d be a good idea to take the gooey little aliens out of their eggs and fling them as high up as we could.

The Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child
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