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The 10 Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child You Wished Were Still There!

Before we were all mindlessly scrolling through our news-feeds on a variety of apps, or Snapchatting our daily shenanigans to a bunch of followers, we were kids who just played with good ol’ fashioned toys and had a Nokia 32.10 if we were very lucky. Here are the 10 greatest toys you probably had as a child.

8. Pokemon Cards

It was easier to negotiate a hostage situation sometimes than it was to agree on a fair trade when it came to Pokemon cards. I remember being willing to give up an absurd amount of great cards and “shinys” to get my hands on one kid’s extremely rare Mewtoo card, only for him to back out of the deal at the very last moment. Needless to say, it was pretty devastating and this was before the days of finding the most obscure things possible on Ebay.

The Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child
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