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The 10 Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child You Wished Were Still There!

Before we were all mindlessly scrolling through our news-feeds on a variety of apps, or Snapchatting our daily shenanigans to a bunch of followers, we were kids who just played with good ol’ fashioned toys and had a Nokia 32.10 if we were very lucky. Here are the 10 greatest toys you probably had as a child.

7. Gameboys

This little handheld device could give you endless of hours of joy, and of course everybody had a copy of pokemon. But which one did you go for, red or blue? Face it, noone every wanted green because Bulbasaur was pretty rubbish. I remember being in the playground and seeing kids who had those crazy link cables so that kids could swap pokemons that they’d caught amongst each other. We should have known back then that it was the beginning of technology taking over our lives.

The Greatest Toys You Probably Had As A Child
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