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Woman Confesses To Facebook That She Is Guilty… But Of What Crime?

Facebook is a social media platform that allows people to share most things with, big news, proposals, life changes, relationships and a general platform to express how we feel and what is going on from day to day life. Moreover, most of us have a privacy filter as to what we decide to share with our friends, family and potentially the entire social media using world! However, this does not apply to everyone as some people will literally share the impending life prison sentence with all their Facebook friends, and that is exactly what Nakasia James did!

via heavy.com
via heavy.com

Nakasia James pleaded guilty to murdering her own boyfriend first to all her fellow friends and family on her public Facebook page! She decided to share the crazy message as she knew she would be caught by the police, but this did not stop her from trying to run as stated in her funny but pretty awful status! She posted, “Just going [to] tell you now before I get caught, last night my ex was drunk off and was fighting me, hit me in the face and we was really fighting and I got the knife and stabbed him [I] didn’t think I would hurt him [but] I did [and] he died and I’m on the run, pigs looking for me. [But] god knows I didn’t mean to stab him I was mad, he socked me in my eyes and just picking something up. [But] sorry lord hopefully you forgive me! And sorry Dorian Powell RIP.”

via netro.com
via netro.com

As stated in the message, she stabbed her ex-boyfriend through anger and possible self-defense due to being in an alcohol induced physical fight! The ex-boyfriend named Dorian Powell, aged 21 was pronounced dead after having been stabbed. Additionally, after being on the run, Nakasia has now been arrested. The police have declined to comment on the Facebook status but have said ’Nakasia is aware that she is being sought in connection with this homicide. At this time, it does appear to be related to a domestic disturbance inside the apartment.’.

via dailymail.co.uk
via dailymail.co.uk

We often get told to be careful with what we share online and post to social media, but this crosses every social line and makes something as serious as murder seem trivial!


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