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5 Deleted Disney Scenes That Would Have Changed Our Favorite Disney Movies

Scar Burned Alive

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In the original script of Disney’s The Lion King, Simba and Scar’s final battle ends a little differently. Instead of Scar’s suggested death by getting attacked by hyenas (which all happened off-camera), Scar actually gets consumed by flames and burns to death. In the end, Disney decided that this would be too scary for kids and would instead leave his demise more ambiguous.

Ariel’s Dating Disasters

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In the original storyline of The Little Mermaid, there is a 15-minute long dating montage where Ariel tries to date various eligible mermen. All of them turn out to huge jerks, including one who spends the entire dinner discussing underwater softball with Ariel’s sidekick flounder. This would have actually been a nice addition the movie as it would explain why Ariel had become so fed up of the ocean, and would lessen the absurdity of her falling in love with the first man she meets!

Elsa and Anna Bonding

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Frozen would have been a very different movie if a certain deleted scene hadn’t been cut. After the heartfelt “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” scene, Elsa actually let’s Anna in to her bedroom and there spend a while giggling and joking about the impending ball. This would have made the rest of the film irrelevant as Elsa would have already seen how strong their bond was and wouldn’t have ran off to the ice castle.

Gaston’s Family

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Gaston’s family were more of a big deal in the original script for Beauty and the Beast. When Gaston met his death after falling from the tower, his friends and family gathered round his disfigured corpse as they buried him in a final funeral scene. This would have given Gaston more of human quality, rather than us thinking he was just an unlovable brute.

Aladdin’s Job Interviews

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Aladdin is a “street rat” thief who steals food to get by, and while he supposedly has a heart of gold, this isn’t exactly giving the best message to kids. In the original draft, things were a lot different. Aladdin actually tried to apply for many positions, but ultimately got rejected for have no experience (a pain many of us know all know too well). This would have given him more of a genuine reasons to go out and steal things, rather than letting us assume he’s just a no-good hoodlum.


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