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This Guy Sent His Mom a Cut-Out of Himself But He Was Not Expecting Mom to do This!

This guy went abroad to study and as a joke sent his mother his cut-out, but looks like mommy was too creative and managed to do something really cool with it. See for yourself…

A warm welcome

guy sends his mom a cutout

Valentine’s Day

via imgur.com

via imgur.com

Sweet dreams

guy sends his mom a cutout 3

guy sends his mom a cutout 4

Don’t miss your appointment

guy sends his mom a cutout 5

guy sends his mom a cutout 6

guy sends his mom a cutout 7

A day out with the family

guy sends his mom a cutout 8

guy sends his mom a cutout 9

guy sends his mom a cutout 10


via imgur.com
via imgur.com

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