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Here Is Why You Should Be Careful While Ordering Online – Bad Products People Have Received when Ordering Online

Internet shopping has always been a risky business, but there are some that have been much more unfortunate than others. Here are the twelve biggest online Purchase catfails of all time.

I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene


3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child’s Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized…And I Still Took It To The Festival


Bought A Rug Online For My Room

This is what it was supposed to look like:


Yes, those lazy manufacturers!!!

My Mum Ordered A Cake For My Sister And Asked For A Blond Girl On Top But It Autocorrected To Blind And We Got This


My Mum Ordered My Nephew A Converse Rucksack For School Online And This Is What Came


I Don’t Know About This, You Guys. I Don’t Think This Is What I Ordered


Pretty Sure These Aren’t 32″ Length


What it was supposed to look like Vs What it actually looked like:


My Roomate Ordered A TV Stand Off Amazon. This Is What Came


9. She hoped for sexy leather stockings. She received two black bin bags.

Thanks For The Flowers Substitution


I Actually Ordered A Tiny Rug. Now It’s A Beautiful Bookmark!


I Think This Company Missed The Mark On “Sized For Large Breed Dogs”



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