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Hugh Jackman The Man We All Need To Know Too Well

Aussie actor and producer Hugh Jackman is perhaps best known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men series, a role that’s made him one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He’s got a string of hit roles under his belt and though he may not be playing Wolverine any more, we’re certain he’ll continue to land more top roles. Here are 11 things you never knew about Hugh Jackman.

  1. Before hitting it big, he used to work as a professional clown. His name was Coco the Clown, though he couldn’t actually do any magic tricks

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2. He reportedly turned down the chance to play James Bond in Casino Royale, though has admitted if given the opportunity again, he’d seriously consider accepting it

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3. In order to beef up for the role of Wolverine, he would go on extreme diets and consume as much as 6,000 calories a day

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4. One of his dream roles would be to play Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

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5. He had anger issues as a kid and played rugby as a way of letting out his anger

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6. As he was growing up, his idol was Grease‘s Olivia Newton-John; he would have posters of her and everything

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7. He was a singer at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s wedding back in 2006

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8. He’s been credited as playing Logan/Wolverine in seven different films – no other actor has played the same character in as many different films

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9. Although Wolverine smokes cigars, Jackman doesn’t smoke at all in real life and isn’t too fond of doing it in the films

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10. He wears contact lenses as he’s near sighted and without contacts, everything he sees is very blurry

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11. While filming 2004’s Van Helsing, he accidentally broke an extra’s hand

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