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Lessons All Men Should Learn Before A Relationship In 2020

When previous relationships have not worked well until and you, being a man, want to start over a new relationship in 2020 there are few important things one must learn beforehand. Going from being a single lad to being with a woman can be a slight shock and will indefinitely take some adjustments. However, although some women are different, there are some staple rules and lessons all men should learn before they become committed or start a new relationship in 2020.

Shopping Stamina

You will need to train yourself in the long marathon that is a shopping trip, staying enthusiastic and always having the ‘right’ opinion on what they like (this means you like it too!).

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Never Comment On Weight

This is one of the biggest taboo’s, this is a sensitive area for a lot of women so save the upset and just don’t go there.

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Or How Many Shoes They Own

There is no such things as ‘too many shoes’, chances are a lot of them have never even been worn or made it out the house but they definitely cant go.

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Not To Mention Their Wardrobe

If she is moving in with you, then invest in some drawers because she will need your entire wardrobe.

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Learn To Paint

Not Picasso paintings, basically just nails which would be fair to be considered a lot harder, this will definitely get you into good books.

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Be Prepared To Have No Duvet

Even though you are probably a lot stronger, there is nothing stronger than a woman wrapped up in a duvet.

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Or Bed Space At All

You might be bigger and heavier but women are often a lot better at spreading themselves out and claiming bed space.

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Always Order Extra

Even if she says she isn’t hungry and chooses the salad, you can guarantee she will be tucking into your chips so order extra so she can.

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Be Willing To Donate

Expect your jumpers, trackies and thick socks to be stolen, in fact just say good bye to all the comfy things you own.

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Tact Is Everything

Tact is key, even though this might seem hard or close to impossible always remember women are often more sensitive and will hold onto things that have upset them.

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 Be Prepared To Be Judged…

Yes, women aren’t like men! They will not applaud you for that burp so just avoid that one until you’re with the lads.

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Don’t Get Lazy

Don’t get lazy around her, the best relationships are the ones where both partner doesn’t give up on their looks, what they do and keeping things exciting.

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Say What You Think (Within Reason)

If you think she looks good in that other pair of jeans then say, she will know what you like and enjoy the compliment at the same time.

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Flowers Are Always Great

If in doubt, flowers are always a great choice, just don’t forget to take the price sticker off!

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Girls Always Win

You have to learn to accept that the girl does always win an argument, so why drag it out! Just end it as quickly as possible and get back to be happy.

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