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Mortal Kombat is Getting Rebooted – Which Celeb Should Play Who?

Nothing in the world holds more excitement than the words “Mortal Kombat reboot”. Yes, the 1995 film was spectacular (it was! MK was awesome) but the idea of a big fancy reboot is amazing! Especially when James Wan, who directed Fast and Furious 7, is set to produce the reboot.

The big question is though, who will play who? Well we put together a few ideas in case Mr Wan and the team need a little inspiration:

1. Lord Rayden/Raiden

mortal kombat reboot
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Lord Rayden is the wise God of Thunder (who can shoot lightening out his eyes) who wants to guide mortals to victory in the Mortal Kombat tournament with a hefty dose of sarcastic humour along the way. The actor who plays Rayden will therefore need to be funny, tough and a bit of a super nanny… but who could fit this bill?

Well that’s easy, who better than Liam Neeson!

mortal kombat reboot
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He’s tough (Taken), he’s sensitive (Love Actually) and he’s great at the old ‘good cop, bad cop’ thing. Neeson would make the perfect Rayden.

2. Liu Kang

mortal kombat reboot
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Liu Kang was the protagonist of both the 90’s Mortal Kombat films. A mortal with a destiny, Rayden guided him to win the tournament, save humanity and become a big ol’ dragon. Anyone who plays him with not only need to be an immense fighter, they’ll also have to embody Kang’s often confused look.

How about… Jon Foo!

mortal kombat reboot
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An amazing practioner of Wushu, Foo has already made his mark on Hollywood with films such as Batman Begins. He’s even delved into video game film adaptions as he played Jin Kazama in the live-action Tekkan film.

3. Johnny Cage

mortal kombat reboot
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In the film, Johnny Cage is the over-confident, big-headed martial artist actor who was tricked into fighting in the tournament. As well as being a skilled fighter, he was also very, very funny and enjoyed a good flirt with Sonya Blade.

If only we could think of an actor that would fit the bill… oh wait that’s easy – Chris Pratt!

mortal kombat reboot
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He’s funny, he’s talented and, well, any excuse to get Pratt running around with his shirt off.

4. Shang Tsung

mortal kombat
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Every film needs it’s big bad, and in Mortal Kombat that’s Shang Tsung. Tsung wants to defeat Earth’s mortals in the tournament so he can win the tenth tournament in a row and be allowed to invade Earth. He attempts this through trickery and lies. He’s not one to feel guilty about kidnapping and killing so his actor will need to be rather talented and merciless.

Mark Dacascos seems like a very worthy choice for the role.

mortal kombat reboot
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Dacascos is an awesome martial arts fighter and has starred in a multitude of films and television shows including the big bad in Hawaii Five-O

5. Sonya Blade

mortal kombat reboot
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Sonya Blade is one tough cookie. And she’s after one person – Kano who killed her partner in the police.

How about Jennifer Lawrence for this role? She’s proved her toughness and sass in X-Men and The Hunger Games. Taking on Sonya could be a great role for Lawrence. Plus we’d like to see her do that blow-the-sand-kissy-thing.

mortal kombat reboot
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6. Princess Kitana

mortal kombat reboot
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Princess Kitana is the adopted daughter of Shao Kahn (who makes Darth Vader look friendly) and heir to the Outworld – however she sides herself with Earth in the tournament which doesn’t make Tsung the happiest.

Although we don’t see her fight too often – she has a cool set of knife fans – the actress that takes on this role will still need to be tough and majestic.

mortal kombat reboot
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Olivia Wilde springs to mind for the role of Kitana – just think how awesome she was in Tron. Plus those eyes are just as piercing as the Kitana in the 1995 original.

7. Prince Goro

mortal kombat reboot
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Prince Goro wasn’t exactly Prince Charming. He didn’t like humans so he fought and killed them. Oh and he has four arms. He has a pretty epic fight with Johnny Cage in the film. So who should take on Chris Pratt?

mortal kombat reboot
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Who else but Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson who plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones. He’s one of the only actors with body space for some extra arms. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do that eye-thing like he did with The Viper.

8. Kano

mortal kombat reboot
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Kano isn’t very nice. He killed Sonya Blade’s partner in the police and now she’s determined that she’s going to get him. So who should Lawrence be hunting down?

Well a few actors sprung to mind for this role but the one that stuck was Channing Tatum.

via Abcnews.go.com
via Abcnews.go.com

We’re so used to Tatum playing the pretty good guy, it would be nice to see him embracing the darkside and taking his place in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

9. Sub-Zero and Scorpion

mortal kombat reboot
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In the 1995 movie we never really got behind the masks of the terrifying ninjas, Sub-Zero and Scorpion. But which actors could take on their roles?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a good Sub-Zero. He’s cool and he’s talented so he could certainly act beyond the mask.

mortal kombat reboot
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As for Scorpion, sticking with the Batman-theme, how about Tom Hardy? We know he can handle a mask and he’s certainly tough enough to make Scorpion the scary character that he is.

mortal kombat reboot
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Who would you cast in the Mortal Kombat reboot?

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  1. Andy Serkis as Reptile.
    Chris Pratt as Johnny Cage.
    Liam Neeson as Raiden.
    Tom Hardy as Sub-Zero.
    Charlize Theron as Sonya Blade.
    Jennifer Lawrence as Cassie Cage.
    James Earl Jones as Goro.
    Jet Li as Liu Kang.
    Donnie Yen as Kung Lao.
    Karl Urban as Scorpion.
    Terry Crews as Jax Briggs.
    Vin Diesel as Shao Kahn.
    Dwayne Johnson as Motaro.
    Linda Hamilton as Sindel.
    Gal Gadot as Kitana.
    Rosario Dawson as Jade.
    Gerald Butler as Kano.


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