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You Won’t Believe What 9 Outrageous Purchases These 9 Celebrities Have Made

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy what you want without having to think about the cost? Some celebrities get to do just that and the things they buy can be quite outrageous.

  1. Nicholas Cage

via TheGuardian.com

Nicholas Cage bought a rare T-Rex bataar skull for the crazy sum of $276,000 at an auction in 2007. It later turned out that the skull was stolen and Nicholas agreed to return the skull to the Mongolian government.

  1. Mike Tyson

via Manofmany.com

You’ll never guess how much Mike Tyson spent on a bathtub for his ex-wife. He reportedly spent $2 million on it – who knew bathtubs could cost that much?

  1. Bono

via U2start.com

If you’re flying somewhere nice and you forget your hat, you would just buy a cheap one somewhere, wouldn’t you? Not Bono. When he went Italy for a concert and realised he’d left his favourite hat at home, he allegedly spent $1,700 to have it flown to him by private jet. He must really like his hats.

  1. Chris Brown

via Celebritycarsblog.com

The Bugatti is one of the most expensive cars to have ever been made. Chris Brown reportedly spent around $1.5 million to add one to his already impressive car collection.

  1. Kim Basinger

via Patricktomsdmd.com

Kim Basinger bought Braselton, Georgia, a small town with a population of 400, for an estimated $20 million in 1989. She wanted to turn it into a tourist attraction, but ended up having to sell it at a loss.

  1. Brad Pitt

via Blogs.wsj.com

Brad Pitt splashed out and spent just under $1 million on a painting by German painter Neo Rauch after viewing it at a gallery in Basel Switzerland.

  1. Jay Z

via Thephoenixnewspaper.com

Wanting to give his wife Beyoncé and their daughter Blue somewhere where they could enjoy some privacy away from all the cameras, Jay Z spent a cool $4 million on a private island in the Bahamas.

  1. Victoria Beckham

via IBNlive.com

Victoria Beckham spent around $35,998 on a gold-plated smartphone. Would you buy a 24-carat phone if you had the money?

  1. Donald Trump

via Businessinsider.au

Donald Trump did an extremely lavish purchase when he bought a Boeing 757 from Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, before paying for a huge renovation that added lots of gold and designer furnishings. The total cost of it all? $100 million.

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