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One Direction Boys Reveal What They Are Going To Do Now During One Year Hiatus

Since being formed on the UK version of The X Factor back in 2010 and coming in third place, One Direction have sold millions of records worldwide and have gone several seemingly never-ending world tours. They’ve also got a ridiculously loyal and sometimes crazy fan base, who will buy any product the group puts their faces to. Last year, they announced a one-year ‘hiatus’, though it’s claimed they’re actually going to be away for longer than a year and might not even reform at all. So what are the One Direction Boys going to do now?


via Directlyrics.com
via Directlyrics.com

Zayn famously quit the group last year and has embarked on a solo career. His first solo single, ‘Pillowtalk’, reached number 1 on over 60 iTunes charts and topped the charts in both the US and the UK. Zayn’s US no 1 is even more remarkable when you consider that One Direction never actually topped the Billboard Hot 100; their highest-charting release was ‘Best Song Ever’, which reached number 2.


via Independent.co.uk

Widely regarded as the group’s heartthrob, Harry has been rumoured to be launching a solo career, though there are also rumours of him trying to crack Hollywood. He recently split from his management team, Modest Management, and has signed with Jeffrey Azoff, a top U.S. agent who is apparently working to develop and launch Harry’s solo career.


via j-14.com
via j-14.com

Niall’s always been interested in golf and he’s recently confirmed he’s going to be launching his own golf management company. His venture is all about discovering new golfing talent from across the UK and Ireland. While the other four seem keen to stay in the music industry, Niall seems to be the only one who’s doing something outside of the industry.


via Popcrush.com
via Popcrush.com

Louis recently became a father for the first time and will no doubt be busy helping to bring Freddie up. He’s been dabbling a lot in song writing with Liam, he has his own record label and he has been linked to a judging role on the UK X Factor, so it seems Louis will still be in the music industry for some time to come.


via Bbc.co.uk
via Bbc.co.uk

It seems likely that Liam will launch a solo career at some point. He’s been doing lots of song writing with Louis and has reportedly started writing for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, so it seems there’s demand for him.

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