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Ed Sheeran Has Remained Unbelievably Real, Vital And True To His Cause

Self-made singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has worked his way up to become one of the biggest names in music, with a string of hits and two multi-platinum albums. Here are facts about everyone’s favourite redhead singer that show us how real, vital, organic and true to his cause is he?

  1. The first time he heard one of his songs on the radio, the DJ mistakenly referred to him as ‘Ben Sherman’

    via Theedgesusu.co.uk
    via Theedgesusu.co.uk

2. He gave John Mayer a tattoo of a cat doodle and in return Mayer gave him a tattoo saying ‘Kool Guy’

ed sheeran unknown facts 2020
via Styleblazer.com

3. He recorded his first studio album in his friend’s garden shed because he wanted it to have a more organic sound

via Amazon.co.uk
via Amazon.co.uk

4. His second studio album was originally going to have swear words in it, until Sheeran decided to remove all the expletives after a taxi driver convinced him to do so for his daughter

via Sbtv.co.uk
via Sbtv.co.uk

5. His tattoo collection includes over 100 different inkings, including some really random ones like the Heinz ketchup logo, a teddy bear, a kiwi bird, a teacup and a lion across his chest, to name just a few

via Musictelevision.fi
via Musictelevision.fi

6. He’s spent most of his life practising music; in fact, when he was four he was a choir boy and sang in his local church with his mother

via Youtube.com
via Youtube.com

7. When he was younger, he wanted to be a train driver before becoming interested in music and deciding to pursue that instead

via News.bfnn.co.uk
via News.bfnn.co.uk

8. He gave Harry Styles a tattoo of an anchor, though Harry apparently later regretted getting it done

ed sheeran facts 2020
via Onedirectionfanclub.com

9. Van Morrison and The Beatles are some of his biggest musical influences

via En.wikipedia.org
via En.wikipedia.org

10. He has names for his guitars, including Nigel, Cyril, Felix, Lloyd, Keith, Trevor and James the Second

via Keyword-suggestions.com
via Keyword-suggestions.com

11. He’s recorded two songs with Taylor Swift; one of them, ‘Everything Has Changed’, featured on Swift’s fourth album Red, while the other remains unreleased and is on Sheeran’s iPhone

taylor swift 2020
via Hulkshare.com

12. It was hit idea to have Harry Potter star Rupert Grint feature in the video for ‘Lego House’

via Bigtop40.com

13. He’s put an insane amount of time into performing and in one year, he did more than 300 live shows

via M.axs.com
via M.axs.com

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