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Book Shelves Designs To Make Reading Exciting

If you need a way to store your collection of brilliant books or want to encourage your family to start giving them a read, then check out these incredibly designed and crafted book shelves. They will not only make you want to read all the time but also create a statement masterpiece within your home. Check them out here.

Bat Shelf

This is the perfect shelf for the super hero lovers, this batman styled shelf will entice both children and adults to pick up their favourite comic or hero book.

via realhousedesign.com

Grid Shelf

This grid shelf makes for an incredible feature wall and creates space for thousands of your amazing books. This looks modern, neat and ultra stylish.

via Freshome.com

Ladder Shelf

This is a brilliant way for everybody to be able to achieve a cool, modern bookshelf look. This is simply an up cycled ladder that has created an incredible shelf.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Tea Cup Shelf

These tea party style shelves are really adorable, they are bright and enchanting which makes for a beautiful way to store those books.

via bajiroo.com

Abstract Shelf

This abstract shelf is a bright, modern and artistic way to stack those brilliant reads. This bold piece will brighten any room and make anyone want to reach for those books.

via mypaperpinwheel.com

Flower Shelf

This flower illusion is actually made from cubed shelves, this stunning display is a highly beautiful way to store your books while creating a wall master piece.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Pac Man Shelf

This retro Pac Man style shelf is a hilarious and super cool idea. Keep your favourite comics or mags on this cool shelf.

via wouterdebruckyer.com

Letter Shelf

This READ lettering shelf is a really bold, statement and great looking way to store your books. This would be great for children and adults.

via lifehack.org
via lifehack.org

Shelf Stool

This is a brilliant way to conserve space and create a modern feature chair at the same time. This would look brilliant in any room and work especially well in a smaller space as it is so neat and unique.

via vitamin-ha.com
via vitamin-ha.com

 Levitating Shelf

This ultra-modern book shelf also looks magical with the balance illusion of all the blocks. This shelf would compliment room due to its versatility.

via needaproperty.com
via needaproperty.com

 Dr Who Shelf

Create your own tardis to read all those sci-fi books in, with this incredible fictional Police Box book shelf.

via 7speedreading.com
via 7speedreading.com

 Ceiling Library

This shelf or should I say library is the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a movie. It looks absolutely enchanting and creates a space where there would not normally be anything.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Wall Snug Shelf

This is a super cosy retreat, this ingenious idea to combine a wall shelf with a snuggly cove to read those beautiful books in.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

Stair Shelf

This is a great looking and very thoughtful way to conserve space and make a statement in the process.

via chateauandbungalow.com
via chateauandbungalow.com

Tree Shelf

This shelf would be a really amazing feature to any room and encourage anyone to want to pick up a book to get stuck into. This tree looks super creative and modern.

via goodshomedesign.com
via goodshomedesign.com



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