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Are You Addicted to Stationery – Here are 14 Signs That You Are

It’s that time of year again, all the results are in and students everywhere are finding out which universities and colleges they’re going to be attending in September.

Yes, all the hard work and stress is over. Now is the time for the BEST part of higher education – stationery!

There is nothing better than getting all the pens, paper, protractors (you need a protractor on an English course, yeah?) and all the other pointless pieces us stationery addicts crave. That’s right, August is the month for all you stationery fanatics and it will cost you an absolute fortune!

Not sure whether or not you’re a stationery addict? There 14 signs might be the truth that you need:

1. You find yourself drawn to the stationery aisle in every shop you enter

addicted to stationery
via Superteachertools.net

It’s like you can smell those fresh notebooks, as soon as you enter that shop it draws you straight to the stationery aisle. But try to resist! For as soon as you enter that aisle you are doomed to buy as much as you can get your grubby, addicted mitts on.

2. You HAVE to find the cutest pencil case for all your pens and pencils

addicted to stationery
via Truffleshuffle.com

The yearly battle to find the coolest, and most unique pencil case in your class. You’ll scour shops and the internet until you find the perfect case. And you’ll probably spend a fortune on it. You’ll start classes and use the case for a week until you return to stuffing pens in your bag leaving the case at home.

3. You insist on buying cool-looking mechanical pencils

addicted to stationery
via Mymaido.com

Despite the fact you will NEVER use them. Even all you math nerds end up using a pen eventually. But they are so, so, pretty! The pencils, not the math nerds.

4. You’ll also buy a cute little pencil sharpener for your pencils

addicted to stationery
via Brooklynmutt.com

Even though you bought mechanical pencils and therefore do not need a pencil sharpener. Everyone needs a pencil sharpener though, right?

5. You MUST buy a protractor

via Rainbowsource.com
via Rainbowsource.com

It’s like a tradition. Every year you need to buy a beautifully constructed protractor. And every year you never, ever use it and proceed to lose it.

6. You need a notebook for every class you’re taking

addicted to stationery
via Tumblr.com

Of course, your plan to take every notebook with you will go out the window when you see how many classes you have in a day. There’s no way that you’re carrying 4 or 5 notebooks round with you all day.

7. Tipp-ex is a stationery essential

addicted to stationery
via Tienda.colegiobs.com

Especially if you can get the awesome little pocket mouse. A true stationery addict will put serious thought and research into their Tipp-Ex needs. That being said, the most you will use it for is sniffing it and painting your nails white.

8. Paperchase is a heavenly shop

addicted to stationery
via Ukelectrical.co.uk

Paperchase is a shop dedicated to stationery addictions. It is just stunning. From the matching notepads and folders to that beautiful pen bar. Paperchase is wonderful! If you can make it through this shop without a single purchase then you’re greater-willed than us.

9. Folders, all of the folders

addicted to stationery
via Veloflux.com

As every stationery addict knows, you can never have too many folders or too many colours of folders. These are where your beautifully colour coordinated notes (that you’ll get around to writing eventually) will live!

10. Talking of folders… dividers!

addicted to stationery
via Companyfolders.com

There is nothing, NOTHING more satisfying than buying new dividers to split up your lovely folders ready for those study notes you’ve still not got round to writing.

11. Let’s talk about highlighters

addicted to stationery
via Quickmeme.com

Sweet, beautiful highlighters. When it comes to stationery buying time, for the true addicts, you will need three types of highlighter. Firstly you will need you normal, run-of-the-mill highlighters for everyday study, you will also need mini-highlighters for taking to class everyday and lastly, you will need nice cat-shaped highlighters (available in Paperchase) for when studying with other people.

12. Amusing pens

addicted to stationery
via Aliexpress.com

It is essential that you buy some sort of novelty pen that will become your favourite. Major points if you can get one to match your choice of study such as the syringe pens above for doctors, nurses etc.

13. Coloured pens for studying

addicted to stationery
via Weplaydots.com

Remember those study notes we mentioned earlier? Well they’re a great excuse for any stationery addict to buy lots of coloured pens – you can’t have notes unless they’re multi-coloured after-all. Failing the notes, use your pens for fancy doodles during class.

14. A box to put it all in

addicted to stationery
via Gifstache.com

Now you’ve went stationery mental in the shops you’re probably feeling  bit down. For that’s your stationery binge over for a month or two. But wait! Fear not, you’ve now bought so much stationery that you’re going to need a big box to store it all in. Back to the shops!

1. Can you relate to these? Then congratulations! You are a stationery addict too.

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