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Lucky Couple Had A Real White Wedding In The Middle Of A Blizzard

With most weddings, the bride prays for no rain and perfect weather for good photos and happy guests… but most people don’t expect to be hoping not to be caught in a blizzard! The happy couple to be, Chris Atwill and soon to be Mrs Carly Atwill found themselves saying ‘I Do’ snowed under eight inches of the magical icy snow that decided to fall on their special day!

via robinsonphotography.com
via robinsonphotography.com

While most would cancel having noticed the impending blizzard that would hugely affect their big day, this amazing couple were not willing to let anything get in the way of their special day, which took place on Saturday, 12th of December. Their winter wonderland wedding that ended up looking like a scene from Frozen was held in Lartington Hall in Barnard Castle situated in County Durham. Despite the difficult weather conditions, all the wedding guests managed to spend the special day with the couple to be and all said how magical it actually was!

via robinsonphotography.com
via robinsonphotography.com

In fact, for most this would be the wedding situation from hell, but the wedding photos that Paul Liddement managed to capture are pretty incredible and made the whole day amazingly magical and one to really remember. Carly said, “After the ceremony we went outside and it looked so magical, the snow was about eight inches deep and as we stood outside it settled on my dress and there was an inch on our umbrella.”

via robinsonphotography.com
via robinsonphotography.com

You wouldn’t know that the couple were freezing cold in the stunning photos as they bravely posed in the minus freezing temperatures. The photographer, Paul Liddement said he had never taken snowy photos before but managed to pull it out of the bag for the big day, in blizzard conditions. “By the time we came out of the ceremony it was a blizzard and the grounds looked beautiful. The snow was coming down thick and fast, so we couldn’t spend much time out there, but I was really pleased with the results,” he said.

via robinsonphotography.com
via robinsonphotography.com

Carly stated, ‘All our guests couldn’t believe it when they saw the snow, we could see them all lining up taking photos of us. It was cold in my dress, but I loved it as it was so magical and special.’

The lucky groom Chris, 31, an A&E doctor, said: “It all feels like a bit of a dream now as we are on honeymoon and there is no snow about. We had really hoped it would snow but we knew the chances were very slim as there hadn’t been snow like this for five years. It all worked out perfectly as it stopped snowing by late afternoon so the guests could all get home.”


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