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15 Things All 90s Tomboys Knew to Be True – #6 is a Pure Confession!

Being a tomboy in the 90s was great! You didn’t care about fashion, make-up, or attracting boys. You were more interested in playing football and getting the latest Nike trainers! Here are 15 more things that made you thankful you weren’t a girly girl.

1. You were the first in your friendship group to get a Gameboy.

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While your friends were struggling to decide who fancied them while playing Dream Phone, you were struggling to decide which ‘starter’ to have on Pokemon Red/Blue.

2. You lived in Adidas, Diadora and Kappa tracksuits.

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Who wants to wear halter neck crop tops when you have a game of footie to play?

3. And you’d throw a fit if your parents tried to dress you in something with bows or ruffles.

Pink stinks!

4. You didn’t want dolls for Christmas, but seemed to get them anyway.

At least you got to make use of your new coloured gel pens by drawing all over her face.

5. You much preferred Scalextric.


The kid with the most loops in their Scalextric set had the most friends.

6. “Who is your favourite Spice Girl?” was a question you always knew the answer to.

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Not only was Sporty a great advocate for tomboys, she also had the best voice of the five!

7. The “low ponytail” was the only hairstyle you’d tolerate.


You didn’t need butterfly hair clips and glitter headbands — just a single bobble would do.

8. You spent your spare time out riding your bike or climbing trees.

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9. So you often came home covered in dirt.

Your poor parents’ sofa and carpet!

10. “Bath time” was a phrase that never went down well with you.

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11. Your friends were dressing up as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, while you were clearly born to be Mulan or Pocahontas.

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No ballgowns or Prince Charmings for you — just fearlessly, strong women with a thirst for adventure.

12. You were in the football team at school and wanted to give a wedgie to any boy who said “you’re pretty good… for a girl”.

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13. You had some awesome TV heroines.

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And who could forget Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls?

14. Screw the Pink Ranger, Yellow was where it was at!

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15. So all in all, being a tomboy in the 90s was a fantastic time to be a tomboy!

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And you wouldn’t have done it any other way!


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