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10 Slang Phrases We Used In the 2000s We Wouldn’t Dream of Using Today

Slang is constantly changing from year to year. Words and phrases that you once thought were hip and cool are now buried deep within the sands of time. Now you’re hearing all these crazy terms that the younger generation and you have no idea what they mean or where they came from. You may be getting older, but least you will always have these 13 memories (even if you’d rather block these terms from your mind forever!):

1. “Wazzup”

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Ever since that Budweiser commercial, we thought this phrase was the bomb! We said it all the time when meeting up with our friends, picking up the phone or answering the door. It was made even more popular in Scary Movie 3 in a funny scene the killer answered the phone with the greeting. Unfortunately, we used it so much that it just got old and wasn’t funny anymore.

2. “Chillax”

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Combining the word ‘chill’ with the word ‘relax’ to make ‘chillax’ seemed like a genius idea at the time. Anyone who used it back then was deemed as cool, but now anyone who says it just gets daggers and an eye roll.

3. “Bling Bling”

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Before Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, the only thing we used that phrase for was to describe expensive, flashy jewelry. Originating in hip-hop culture, it became a widespread phenomenon, but the moment it started to become mainstream was the moment it lost it’s edge.

4. “Pwned”

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As if the expression “got owned” wasn’t bad enough, but “pwned” (pronounced “powned”) was another level of pathetic altogether. It started when a map designer on World of Warcraft misspelled the word “owned”, which then became a humorous term used by gamers and, subsequently, everyone all over the internet.

5. “Biatch”

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This was a clever way of saying the B-word without actually saying the B-word. It was mainly used by teenagers and pre-teens. These days, however, people just tend to use the B-word, rendering this term practically obsolete.

6. “Brangelina”

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Everybody loved coining catchy couple names back in 2006, whether it was Brangelina, Bennifer, or TomKat. While some people still do this occasionally with their favourite TV-show supercouple, the majority of us recognize how annoying it actually is for everyone involved.

7. “Buzzin'”

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Before we were ‘wavy’, we were ‘buzzin”. Not buzzing like a bee, but buzzin like we were blissfully happy (even though we usually said it in such a flat tone that it was clear we were pretty indifferent).

8. “Diss”

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The phrase ‘diss’ has had a pretty good run, but it’s slowly starting to phase out. As a short form of the word ‘disrespect’ it did everything it needed to in a shorter amount of time. While it’s not completely sure which term will replace ‘diss’, some words have come pretty close, such as ‘burn’.


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Since three-letter acronyms were all the rage back in the noughties, some clever teenagers got together to form the term OMGWTFBBQ to use on all the forums to show how funny we were. Sure, it caused us all to chuckle the first time round but after that we just got angry.

10. “Emo”

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Prior to hipsters, emos were the most popular alternative subculture around. It started off as a music genre, but somehow turned into a stereotype of a person who had jet black floppy hair, heavy eyeliner and wrote sad poetry. When the fashion trend died, do did the word.



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