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16 Eye-Watering Stories from People Who Have Broken Their Smart Phones – #10 Will Make You Facepalm!

It is estimated by Plaxo that approximately 33% of people either lose or break their smart phones. Another study by PC Advisor found that British iPhone owners are likely to break or damage their phones in the first 10 weeks!

But even though it’s an increasingly common occurrence, there’s still nothing more heartbreaking than a cracked phone screen, so here are 16 stories that will remind you to be extra careful with your mobile.


“I was wading in a river looking for pretty rocks. My purse was slung over one shoulder with my cell phone inside. Each time I bent down to pick up a rock, I steeped my purse in the river water like a bag of tea. I didn’t realize this until someone pointed it out to me.” — subtlebiscuit.


“I worked at a movie theater and was texting near the popcorn butter machine. A customer came in, and when I looked up, I apparently moved my phone into the machine button, causing butter to pour all over and inside my phone.” — Morgan Preziosi.


“There was a waterbottle on my desk with a tiny pin-sized hole in the side so that water was dripping out very slowly, couldn’t have been more than a drop per minute. At night, I put my phone beside it on the dry desk. When I awoke, the desk was soaked and I didn’t have Wifi anymore.” — Aztecah.


“I was watching a video panning up the length of an anaconda and when it reached the head, the anaconda strikes at the screen, and I threw my phone against the wall.” — Eduarda De Souza Queiroz.

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“I got drunk and repeatedly hit my phone with a bread knife…” — aaronwilliamj.


“When I was running on the treadmill, my phone fell onto the belt and SHOT at the wall behind me, cracking the screen.” — Joriet.


“Jumped into a pool with my phone in my pocket. This is right after I had used my phone to take a selfie in front of the pool and placed it back in my pocket.” — SpewsALotOfBullshit.


“My time to shine! Was at McDonald’s working an overnight shift had speakers and phone on top of a shelf. Speakers fell then pulled my phone down with it into the deep fryer” — menevissis.


“Found my 2 cats playing with my iPhone like street hockey by batting it back and forth between each other on the hardwood floor. The thing is my cats (fosters waiting adoption) hate each other and were hissing as they whacked the phone to each other, as if saying “no, *you* get to have it”. My phone is an older model and didn’t break so this story doesn’t fully qualify here, but something about technology+cats= irresistible to me, like those pictures of kittens sleeping on keyboards.” — Zenezie.

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 “A few years ago, after getting a 3Gs iPhone, i decided I wanted to destroy my old, worthless iPhone 1st gen. I put the iPhone in a plastic Ziploc and took it outside and started smashing it with a hammer. It was pretty exciting, as the battery got really hot and started smoking and I thought it was going to catch on fire. When I walked inside after bashing into bits, I saw my old 1st gen iPhone on my counter…oops” — chuckh8e.


“Not my phone, but I had a friend who was trying to show off for a girl. She was going on about how her phone had just broke and he decided this was his angle. So he says, “my phone is indestructible” before chucking it across the room. It hit an iron dumbbell and the screen shattered. She turned him down later in the evening.” — FetchFrosh.


“Got my first phone for graduation. About 2 days later went to an amusement park, and not even thinking went on a Rollercoaster that goes upside down. All was fine until we went around a loop and there goes the phone. It fumbled around the Cart for a second or so but I couldn’t reach it. It ended up hitting the ground outside the fence of the ride and exploded.” — blurrrry.


“I got surprised by a duck and dropped my phone on the gravel driveway.” — spsees.

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“One time, I walked into class with my phone in an otter box case on top of my books. My phone fell and someone told me I was going to break it. To prove that the defender case would protect it, I threw my iPhone onto the concrete ground as hard as I could. I picked it up and it was completely shattered and destroyed.”


“I always say, “I want to die the same way my first Blackberry died: the bottom of a pint of Guinness.” — RudigherJones.


“A homeless guy threw a plastic bag at me and I was so dumbfounded by it that I dropped my phone, cracking the screen.” — Lena Ackermann.


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