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Taylor Swift is Amazing – Here’s 15 Reasons Why

As far as celebrities go, there are few nicer that Taylor Swift. Not only does she love her fans to bits, she is constantly surprising them and doing good deeds.

Indeed Taylor Swift is amazing – there’s no other words for her!

1. She created Swiftmas

Taylor Swift decided last Christmas that she was going to send presents to her biggest fans. She looked through their social media to discover what they really wanted and sent them it along with a personal letter.

2. She’s a total cat lady

taylor swift is awesome
via Tumblr.com

She has two cats – Olivia Benson and Meredith – who have their own social media pages. You can really trust a crazy cat lady.

3. She surprised a fan at the Grammys

taylor swift amazing
via Instagram.com

When I fan blogged on Tumblr that she would be supporting her favourite Swift at the Grammys. Taylor found our where she was sitting and surprised the fan by coming to take some selfies with her.

4. She’s made it acceptable to wear red lipstick at any time of the day

taylor swift is amazing
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

We love red lispstick and Taylor made it cool again.

5. She tracked down a fan who had waited 20 hours in the cold

taylor swift is amazing
via Twitter.com

When Swift saw a tweet that a superfan had waited for 20 hours outside this year’s Brit Awards she decided to track her fan down. She then thanked her, complimented her on her funny tweets and, of course, took a selfie.

6. She thinks her cat can eat at the table

taylor swift is amazing
via Tumblr.com

Which seems pretty reasonable if she’s wearing a bib!

7. Her Shake It Off video had real fans in it

The video contained real professional dancers but Taylor Swift also wanted to include fans who had contacted her on Twitter and Instagram.

8. She always seems genuinely shocked at winning awards

taylor swift is amazing
via Gifhel.com

It’s like she doesn’t know what we all know – that Taylor Swift is amazing!

9. She sent $1989 to a fan to pay off some college debts

taylor swift is amazing
via Twitter.com

The package also had a necklance and a painting by the star.

10. While some stars try to wear as little as possible to look good, Taylor looks glam in a t-shirt and shorts

taylor swift is amazing
via Thetvscreen.me

11. When she saw this superfan’s video she flew him and his family to see one of her shows

She really is awesome to her fans.

12. While everyone else sits and tries to look cool at awards shows…

taylor swift is amazing
via Tumblr.com

Taylor Swifts sings and dances like a fan of all the music.

13. She invited fans to her house to hear 1989

taylor swift is amazing
via Instagram.com

She held parties in her homes, her mum’s home and a property she rented in London. She even baked cookies for everyone.

14. She visited a fan in Connecticut who told Swift her music helped her through a difficult time to get pregnant


She turned up with gifts for her fan and her son and then hung out with them for a few hours.

15. She may be uber nice, but she also has a little sass in her

taylor swift is amazing
via Giphy.com

The Bad Blood video (which we all suspect is about Katy Perry) is full of Taylor Swiftitude and even has loads of Swift’s famous friends!

We love you Taylor, you are amazing!

via Tumblr.com
via Tumblr.com
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