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The 12 Real Struggles For Every Online Gamer

Online gaming is huge, there’s no doubt about it. eSports have pushed the gaming scene into the mainstream and has made playing games like Call of Duty, Heroes Of The Storm, League of Legends, Dota 2, CD: GO, FIFA and many more far more socially aceptable. However along with that online gamer dedication comes 12 big drawbacks that you will all face if you decide to delve into this scene. Here they are:

1. LAG!

gamer struggles 2020
via polygon.com

If there’s one thing that all online gamers hate the mostr, it’s lag. For those of you who don’t know, lag is when your internet has a drop or you have a generally bad connection and your character or characters around you ping across the map because your internet can’t keep up with your movements. It’s literally the most annoying thing in the whole entire world.

2. Deciding Whether To Go To The Toilet

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We’ve all been there. You’ve been busting to go to the toilet for ages now and you don’t know if you could make another without wetting yourself. But there’s not long left until the next game starts… run for it!

3. Having Social Obligations During Double XP Weekend

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A lot of games offer you the chance, at certain times of the year to earn double the amount of experience points. Therefore, the servers spike and it’s just a great time to level up and unlock achievements. However, you also have friends who want to do things outside…ew.

4. Being Called For Dinner In The Middle Of A Game


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Okay, so maybe we’re not all lucky enough to have someone else make dinner for us. But if you’re an avid online gamer, you’d certainly been asked to do something when you don’t really have time as you’re in the middle of a game.

5. Needing Sleep But Thinking “Just One More Game”

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So it’s now 2AM, your eyes are red, your fingers are cramping and your neck is killing you. But just ONE more game and you’ll unlock a new character or you’ll level up or you’ll unlock that next gun.

6. Trying To Remember What All Those Acronyms Mean

via wowwiki.wikia.com
via wowwiki.wikia.com

In gaming, especially the likes of League of Legends there’s a lot of terms and acronyms to learn. If you’re going to play with the big boys, you’re going to need to learn these terms and acronyms and sometimes that’s not all too easy.

7. Hearing 10 Year Olds Playing Your Game

via blog.compete.com
via blog.compete.com

Oh god, there’s a kid playing in this lobby, now I have to listen to his voice and watch him get an awful score. Oh wait, mute and kick him!

8. Having To Sometimes Deal With Hackers

via creativeitemz.com
via creativeitemz.com

Sometimes in games, if it’s been out long enough, the clever and bad people of the world will hack the game to allow themselves some sort of amazing ability or just generally ruin it for everyone. That’s annoying, very annoying!

9. The Struggle Of That Awful Player On Your Team Who’s Ruining Everything

via hsmagazine.net
via hsmagazine.net

However, on the other hand, it’s not as bad as having that one player on your team who can’t seem to kill anything, who clearly doesn’t really know the rules and who keeps constantly losing or gaining no points for your team.

10. When The Internet Goes Down, Life Ends

via fivetechnology.com
via fivetechnology.com

We’ve all had it. When the internet goes down and you’re int he middle of a game, there’s nothing worse in the world. Guarantee you, it will happen when you’re having one of your best days too!

11. Oh No A Steam Sale Is Here

via weknowmemes.com
via weknowmemes.com

Oh, I really want to keep playing this game for a bit longer, but oh no, this game is offer and I’ve wanted to play that for a while. Oh no! So is this one! Oh well, goodbye old game, hello new games!

12. Getting Berated By A Loved One For Never Replying To Messages

via memegenerator.net
via memegenerator.net

If you’ve ever played an online game that requires your undivided attention then you have also annoyed a loved one by not responding to their messages or texts because you have no time to chit chat!


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