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Just A Few Of The Saddest Storylines in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has become more famous for everybody’s individual journeys and the vast number of storylines that everybody encounters than anything else recently. The story with Fallout 4 has become less and less about spoilers of the main story and more about the pieces of story and hidden tales that people have found dotted around the world. However, having been set in an apocalypse, there are many sad stories to be found throughout the Fallout landscape and we wanted to highlight some of those here. Get ready to hold back tears and feel some real feels!

The Norwegian Shipmates

via gamerant.com
via gamerant.com

South of the Castle that will find early on following the Minutemen storyline lies the wreck of the FMS Northern Star which hosts a crew different from any other in Fallout 4. When entering the ship, the player will encounter ghouls that will be shouting in Norweign. After translation we find out that they’re shouting “You shouldn’t be here!”, “Go away from our ship!”, and “Leave us alone!”. Though the game calls them raiders, it’s clear this isn’t the case.

As it turns out, the crew were trapped on the ship when the bombs fell are are unable to communicate with any of the English-speaking survivors, they have defended their ship for 200 years. When any of them are killed, they scream “Jeg kommer hjem” which translates to “I’m coming home”. So these are crew who are trapped forever, unable to leave and defending the ship is all they know.

The Runaway’s Story

via gamerant.com
via gamerant.com

South of Sanctuary, likely the first town you visit, lies a Ranger Cabin, fairly untouched from the war. However, in the middle lays a skeleton on a mattress of a long deceased girl, curled up with a suitcase, a dress, and a holotape. Playing the tape reveals that the girl had gotten into a massive fight with her parents when she was pregnant. Her father had told her she should be ashamed and to leave the house. The mother said nothing but whimpered and cried which the girl states is the hardest part. She didn’t tell the father out of fear and instead ran away to the Cabin which she played in as a child.

What’s horribly sad is that when the bombs dropped, the girl likely felt more alone than anybody else in the commonwealth. She didn’t have the father of the baby to help with the child, she’d lost the love of her father and the strength of her mother and she likely died crying, curled up in a ball… alone.

Annika’s Locket

via gamerant.com
via gamerant.com

In the Chestnut Hillcock Reservoir lies a broken farmhouse that holds the story of a man named Edwin that stumbled upon the house many years ago and was nearly killed by Annika, the woman that lived there. She’d mistaken him for a raider. However, they ended up falling in love and living happily ever after well into their old age. Annika passed on before Edwin and in his journal, he states that he struggled to find any warmth in life without her despite the locket he kept of her.

One day, a swarm of boatfly came too close whilst he was fishing and despite getting some good shots off, he realized that in the tussle he had lost his locket with the picture of Annika in. Devastated by this, he jumps into the radiated waters to find his craved possession. As a character, you can dive into the water and find the locket, clutched firmly in the long-dead hands of Edwin. The sadness in the fact he died holding the last hope he had of Annika is almost too much to handle.

The Separated Family

via gamerant.com
via gamerant.com

In The West Everett Estates, you’ll discover the remains of a formerly nice community that has been turned into a post-apocalyptic fortress. The estate is under Super Mutant control and the player can fight their way down to the cellar shelter called The Backyard Bunker which reveals a very tragic story.

A terminal within the bunker reveals the name of a father, Wayne and his two children who had been holed up in the shelter for months after the bombs dropped. However, the father never gave up hope for his wife, who was in the city when the bombs fell, may well still be alive. A series of progressing terminal journal entries show that, as months went by, he still spends his time thinking of her and the kids make a cake for her on hr 30th birthday. Eventually, the compound is overrun by raiders and the children recorded a holotape directed to their Mom during the commotion and their father tells them to run. The holotape is the last we hear from the family, assuming the very worst for their fate.


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