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What Do Your Nightmares Actually Mean… Do You Have These Common Dreams?

We all get nightmares, some more than others and some rarely ever at all but it is a natural occurrence. However, when you have these scary dreams do you just roll over, shut your eyes and forget all about it or do you sit and try to work out why you just dreamt such a weird thing? Here is some explanations for those common scary dreams that we all share as there might be more meaning to them than you realise.

Teeth Falling Out/Crumbling

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via imgur.com

You might be shocked to find out that other people have this nightmare too, as it might seem pretty random! But this is a very common nightmare, where you feel as though your teeth are falling out, wobbling or crumbling away and at the time this can be pretty scary! However, this has more meaning than your unconcious reminding you to brush them, it actually means you’re feeling anxiety towards something or feeling uncomfortable about something that is out of your control.


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via gizmodo.com

Some scientists believe that you have a falling or tripping dream right at the start of falling to sleep as your heart rate is relaxing and slowing down too fast, so your brain gives you a reason to suddenly wake or send adrenaline to speed things back up again.

Breaking Up With Your Partner

via fanpop.com
via fanpop.com

If you have dreamt that you have been broken up with or visa versa, then it might be your unconscious mind reminding you to communicate and spend a little more time with your loved one. Sometimes day to day life can be manic and you might struggle to find the time, but dreaming this shows that this is a worry of yours.

Being Naked In Public

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via guff.com

We have all had to nightmare of strolling through school or work without any clothes on! This one can actually have quite literal meanings, in that you might be feeling vulnerable, exposed or judged.

Unprepared For An Exam

via comiclaugh.com
via comiclaugh.com

These dreams can last a lifetime, even when you do not have to sit another exam paper in your life! This dream actually suggests that you might be feeling as though you are failing in a certain aspect of your life or that you have a heightened fear of failing, so a pregnant woman might have this if she is fearful of not being a good Mum.

Not Being Able To Run

via dundeerrunners.com
via dundeerrunners.com

This can be the worst type of nightmare as it is so frustrating, which is what it represents. It can be frustration towards an aspect of life, a lack of self confidence in your ability or you are in a current situation where you feel powerless and out of control.




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