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8 TV Shows Got Cancelled After One Season & People Were Really Annoyed

Isn’t it really frustrating when a TV show gets cancelled after just one season? What makes it worse is when a TV show ends on a massive cliff-hanger with so many questions left unanswered that they simply has to be a second season, except there won’t be. These days, loads of shows get cancelled after just one season, mainly because of low ratings, and here are 8 of them.

  1. FlashForward

via Kyxua.wordpress.com
via Kyxua.wordpress.com

Billed as the new ‘Lost’, ‘FlashForward’ focused on a worldwide event that caused pretty much everyone to fall unconscious and receive visions of what they would be doing six months later. The show’s first episode attracted over 12 million viewers, though viewers gradually switched off over the course of the season. The show’s finale, which featured a second worldwide ‘flashforward’, was written before the show’s cancellation was announced and left us with many more questions unanswered.

  1. The Event

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This conspiracy thriller was about a group of humanlike extra-terrestrials, some of who had been detained by the U.S. government, some of whom were living among the general populace. The show did get off to a good start, though viewers quickly lost interest and mid-season rewrites to tweak the second half of the season didn’t do enough to warrant a second season order.

  1. Alcatraz

via Fanpop.com
via Fanpop.com

This show was about a group of prisoners and guards from Alcatraz who disappeared in 1963, reappeared in modern day San Francisco and are being searched for by a government agency. Despite ending with many plot lines unresolved, Alcatraz was cancelled due to low ratings.

  1. Persons Unknown

via Blogs.pioneerlocal.com
via Blogs.pioneerlocal.com

This mini-series focused on a group of strangers who wake up in a ghost town and are being filmed 24/7. The strangers had to come together to overcome a series of challenges designed to test their physicality, their emotions and their psychological state, all while trying to get out of the unknown town they were trapped in. What was frustrating to fans was that it was promised the finale would tie everything up, yet it left us with more questions and set up a second season, which never happened.

  1. The River

via Io9.com
via Io9.com

This found-footage horror show was about a search party looking for a famous explorer who had been missing in the Amazon for the past six months, but whose emergency beacon recently went off.  This show did really well with critics for its first few episodes, though viewers lost interest over the course of the season thanks to the show’s ‘monster of the week’ approach and its poor characterisation.

  1. Terra Nova

via Dailymail.co.uk
via Dailymail.co.uk

This sci-fi series actually had Steven Spielberg as an executive producer, yet it still somehow managed to last just one season. ‘Terra Nova’ centered on a family who escaped the overpolluted 22nd century to live 85 million years in the Earth’s past alongside the dinosaurs. Viewers were put off by the show’s family-friendly tone, though the show’s bigger plot lines did go down well with critics.

  1. Firefly

via Quotesgram.com
via Quotesgram.com

This is one TV show that actually got cancelled after one season, then managed to live on in other forms. ‘Firefly’ was set 500 years in the future and focused on the crew of a spacecraft who travelled through space, trying to evade authority agents who were out to get them. The sci-fi/western show gained a very loyal fan base and there was even a spin-off film, Serenity.

  1. Awake

via Filmaffinity.com
via Filmaffinity.com

This police crime drama focused on a detective who lived in two separate realities after a car crash: one where his wife survived, the other where his son survived. The show was praised for its concept and acting, though was axed due to low ratings.

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