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16 UK Chocolate Bars We Miss Like Crazy — Come Back #11!

The UK is exceedingly lucky when it comes to chocolate. Cadbury and Mars are two of the most popular candy manufacturers in the world they’re known for producing a wide variety of delicious chocolate bars and snacks. But occasionally they take a very, very good chocolate bar away from us without a single warning! It is a sad situation when our favourite treat gets discontinued, so let’s take a moment to grieve for the British chocolate bars that once were…

1. Cadbury’s Marble

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Why would you stop making a chocolate bar that had both milk AND white chocolate, as well as creamy hazelnut praline? Seriously, explain yourselves!

2. Taz

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Sure, it tasted exactly the same as a Freddo Caramel, but it had Taz on it!! We never stopped loving Taz-Mania, even though it left our screens over twenty years ago!

3. Wispa Mint

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Milk chocolate and mint is a very underrated combo. The mint gives the chocolate a crisp and tingly quality that makes every bite feel like a Friday night! So why, oh why was Wispa Mint canceled?

4. Cadbury Dream

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This was Cadbury’s answer to Nestle’s Milkybar, but it was so much creamier because it used real cocoa butter (Milkybar uses puffed rice). There is no plausible reason for this chocolate bar not to be in our lives, so if you’d just put it back on our shelves…?

5. Nestle Toffo

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Toffo’s were a dentist’s nightmare but a sweet tooth’s dream. They took us ages to eat since they were so darn chewy, which meant they lasted us all day. Why would such a practical candy bar be made obsolete?

6. Kit Kat Senses

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Again with the hazelnut praline! We really do love it, so please stop taking it away from our chocolate bars! With Kit Kat Senses, we didn’t just have a break, we had a vacation!

7. Creme Egg Twisted

via candytime.com.au

Creme Egg Twisted minis are now only available in mini form via the Cadbury Heroes. We loved this gooey chocolate so much, we’d really like it back in regular form please? An egg at Easter is not enough!

8. Mars Delight

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Mars on it’s own is great, but sometimes we just want a lighter version when we’re counting the calories. Mars Delight was like a treat from heaven, and now it’s gone we don’t know what to believe in anymore.

9. Dairy Milk Tasters

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Tasters were ideal because they gave us an opportunity to share our Dairy Milk chocolate with our friends. We didn’t, but the thought was there!

10. Milky Bar Munchies

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White chocolate and biscuit goes together so flawlessly that we question the sanity of whoever decided to cease production of these little miracles.

11. Cadbury Snaps

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When Snaps came in to our lives, we were beside ourselves. Crunchy chocolate crisps that tasted like paradise and looked like Pringles! Suddenly party food wasn’t about the savory anymore, it was all about the sweets! Then they were snatched away from us by some evil party-pooper and we’re still waiting for answers…

12. Pink Yorkie

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To stop us girls from secretly eating regular Yorkies (which were just for men), they introduced this special edition which with an obligatory pink wrapper. We were still peeved about the blatant sexism, but at least we knew where we stood. Then it was taken away from us. Are we allowed to eat regular Yorkies now? Somebody let us know!

13. Cadbury Snowflake

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Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate could be improved by adding a creamy white chocolate filling in the centre. But only the stupidest, craziest fool would decide to stop producing these life-changing treats.

14. Flake Allure

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First you take our Snow Flakes, then you take our flakes coated in rich truffle. This was like a posher version of Cadbury’s Twirl and it tasted like euphoria.

15. Fuse

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Nuts and raisins aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but enough of us loved Fuse to campaign for it to return. In October last year, Cadbury brought the chocolate bar back for it’s  #CadburyCraveyard Halloween competition, but only distributed to 100 winners! No fair 🙁

16. Dairy Milk Chocolate Coins

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These coins came and went so quickly, we didn’t even have a chance to appreciate them! Now our Christmases will be a little less merry because we’ll be stuck with second-rate chocolate coins.


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