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Want To See Really Cool Things Happen In Slow Motion? Watch These 12 Videos

We live life at such a fast pace and sometimes it’s nice to take things a bit more slowly. Ever wondered what things look like in slow motion? Watch these 12 videos to see an assortment of things happening at a much slower pace, from wild animals to legs getting waxed and even a giant water balloon exploding.

  1. A fantastic video showing a 50 ft flamethrower in slow motion

2. A compilation of some of the best slow motion shots of wild animals

3. Here are some of the most extreme faces people pull in slow motion

4. This is what a dog looks like drinking water in slow motion

5. Hate the thought of getting your leg waxed? Here’s what it looks like slowed right down

6. This is what getting hit by a football in the face looks like in slow motion

7. Anyone for jelly tennis?

8. How about apple golf?

9. A compilation of 16 everyday things happening in slow motion


10. Here some mesmerising scenes including a TV getting smashed, a guy getting hit with a paint gun and a wine bottle being uncorked


11. Fancy watching 30 slow motion explosions?

12. Watch a giant 6ft water balloon explode in slow motion

James Gibson
I'm a Classics graduate and have been writing for over three years. Hopefully going to go into novel writing some day. I'm mostly interested in theme parks and roller coasters - I've been on 300 coasters and plan on going on lots more!


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