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13 Photos Of Celebrities Before And After They Were Famous

Many celebrities these days are constantly groomed to look their very best, no matter what. Whenever they make public appearances, they have stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers and all sorts making them look like the star they are. But what about before fame? Back before they were famous, celebrities didn’t have a team of people polishing their looks; many of them looked quite different in their pre-fame days, whereas some look instantly recognisable. Here’s a selection of photos showing what some celebrities looked like before they became famous and what they look like these days as their famous celebrity selves.

  1. Beyonce

via Capitalfm.com

2. Nicole Kidman

via Nikkiswift.com

3. Kristen Stewart

via Viralnova.com

4. Calvin Harris

via Hollywood.com

5. Steven Tyler

via Beforeaftercaps.blogspot.com

6. Katy Perry

via Standard.co.uk

7. Chris Pratt

via Lifeandstylemag.com

8. Ariana Grande

via Thisisinsider.com

9. Lindsay Lohan

via Pitria.com

10. Drake

via Twitter.com

11. Taylor Swift

via Zimbio.com

12. Jennifer Aniston

via Dailytalk.info

13. Angelina Jolie

via Smosh.com

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