10 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

These music videos had ridiculous budgets and even more ridiculous concepts. Check them out and see exactly how all that money was wasted...


Music videos can both heal or hinder, blasting a great song into even higher critical acclaim, or bringing a mediocre track plummeting back down to new lows. Whichever way you look at it, the music business has spent an insane amount of money across the years trying to turn many tracks into unstoppable chart hits. Using ridiculous locations, hilariously bonkers pyrotechnics and some of the strangest video concepts we’ve ever seen, here are the 10 most expensive music videos of all time.

10. Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life

The most recent thing that music video director Joseph Kahn has been involved in was an episode of the television show power rangers, so not much has changed in like 15 years. With a budget of $2.1million, the music video is undeniably awful and features the group dancing in robot costumes in front of terrible CGI backdrops and soaring through space on bright yellow surfboards.

9. Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be

Directed by the iconic Hype Williams, the music video was shot with an enormous budget of $2.4 million and shows the two music megastars clothed in body armour from the future as they fling a number of different innuendos at each other. To be honest, it’s a pretty strange and disturbing video that we could have done without.

8. Janet Jackson – Doesn’t Really Matter

Directed for a cool $2.5 million, the video shows the Mrs Jackson dancing around uncontrollably in a mixture of futuristic and anime universes. The off thing is that this was the official song for the Nutty Professor movie sequel, and we have absolutely no idea how the video concept and Hollywood movie are connected in any way, shape or form.

7. Mariah Carey featuring Jay Z – Heart Breaker

The director of the Rush Hour movies, Brett Ratner jumped behind the camera for this particular video. Costing a ludicrous $2.55 million, fans of Mariah get to se her have kung-Fu battles with a mysterious alter ego of herself in a movie theatre bathroom. The video is pumped full of girl power and is good fun, but we don’t know where all the money went…

6. MC Hammer – 2 Legit To Quit

We’re not going to be too harsh with this one, as music video director Rupert Wainwright has had enough criticism lately. His feature movie The Fog features in Rotten Tomaetoes’ Worst Movies of the 2000’s list. Brutal. Costing a cool $2.56 million, the video has very rapid camera cuts, impressive dance moves and endless droves of excited crowds.

5. Puff Daddy featuring Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes – Victory

The shoot for this video cost $2.7 million, and it’s a pretty grand affair. For the most part, we see Diddy (or whatever his name is these days) engaging in an all out battle with what appears to be an evil New World Order. Dennis Hopper and Danny Devito even make some cameo appearances.

4. Guns N’ Roses – Estranged

This video cost a staggering $4 million to make. It combines live footage of the iconic Rock and rollers with the drama of Axl Rose being chased around by a SWAT Team who want him dead. Then, for no reason whatsoever, Slash emerges from a red ocean and absolutely shreds it on the guitar. The video makes absolutely no sense, but oh well.

3. Michael Jackson featuring L.T.B – Black Or White

John Landis also directed Jackson’s thriller, so fans were in for a treat once again with this one. Costing over $4 million, the video transitions from the suburbs of America to the beautiful planes of Africa and is epic on a huge scale. It then ends with a sea of famous faces morphing into one another with special effects that nobody had seen at the time.

2. Madonna – Die Another Day

$6.1 million was wasted on this video, so the less we say the better. It’s a terrible electronic track, for a terrible James Bond movie (Die Another Day), with a series of terrible and over the top fights between Madonna and a few villains. Basically, it’s terrible.

1. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson – Scream

Costing a mind boggling $7 million, the video sees the super famous brother and sister floating around in black and white space and smashing things in a particularly angry manner. Apparently it was the King of Pop’s reaction to an ever intrusive media back in 1994.

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