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13 Reasons Why Skyrim and Game of Thrones Are Basically the Same Thing – #9 Confuses me

Has anyone else noticed the startling similarities between Game of Thrones and Skyrim?

1. It’s all about those dragons returning

Both Game of Thrones and Skyrim has a large portion of the story aimed at dragons. In both franchises dragons haven’t been seen in hundreds of years.

2. Talking of dragons…

talking dragon game of thronesWith the return of dragons in both Game of Thrones and Skyrim, they come with a special dragon person. In Skyrim you have the Dragonborn a person who can absorb dragon souls and do big dragon shouts. Then you’ve got Khaleesi the mother of dragons. Both are said to have the blood of the dragon in their veins.

3. There are creepy savages who attack everyone

what is skyrim based off ofPerhaps the Forsworn and the Wildlings are just misunderstood… Both groups of savages are feared by those around them. And it’s little wonder why, murdering the locals is one of the nicest things either of these groups do.

4. Giants everywhere!

skyrim giants vs got giantsEvery Skyrim player knows the joys of trying to kill a giant. Now you might think you should avoid them due to their big clubs that destroy you. But the loot rewards are far too tempting. Plus your local Jarl will love you for it. It’s a similar situation in Game of Thrones. Big scary Giants that we’re all a little terrified of.

5. Both have lots of gods protecting them

game of thrones video gameIn Game of Thrones there are The Seven and in Skyrim there are the Nine Divines. No wonder there is so much conflict when there are so many gods to appease. In both each god represents a different aspect of live such as love, war, work etc.

6. There is an ancient tree of the gods

trees game of thrones
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Think of these magical trees as the Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas. In Skyrim we have the Eldergleam and in Game of Thrones we have Weirwood.

7. You can never have too many secretive assassin brotherhoods

skyrim video game or game of thrones came first No video fantasy TV show or video game would be complete without a mysterious order of assassins. Game of Thrones gave us the Faceless Man (who we still don’t understand) and Skyrim gave us the Dark Brotherhood where you’re paid to take out the locals. No questions asked.

8. Civil war is raged as self-proclaimed leaders try to take the throne

GOT or skyrim gameIn Game of Thrones it’s Baratheon vs Baratheon vs Stark vs whoever else fancies the throne. Well it was at one point. All these kings keep getting murdered… In Skyrim you have to pick a side in civil war – Imperials or Stormcloaks.

9. Different areas of the land are ruled by Lords

winterfell skyrimIn Skyrim we have the Jarls who control certain areas of land. This is similar in Game of Thrones with the likes of Ned Stark who was (sniff) the Warden of the North.

10. There are some seriously sinister undead dudes on the loose

skyrim and game of thrones fanfictionJust how terrifying are the Whitewalkers in Game of Thrones? They seem like an unstoppable force that could well be heading for King’s Landing. It’s no different in Skyrim. Here we have Draugr, scary undead creatures that can be pretty tough to kill.

11. A highly-advanced civilisation destroyed by a catalytic event? You bet.

skyrim and game of throneIf you play Skyrim or watch Game of Thrones you’ll have heard of Valyria and the Dwemer. Both are ancient civilisations that were very advanced in their weaponry and technology, however they were both wiped out by a freak event.

12. Scholars are really just magicians

sky 12

We think Scholars are book worms but the Maester and Court Wizards in both franchises are just good with magic.

13. Both focus on the death of one king – who had a mad nickname!

skyrim vs GOTThe Mad King and the Mad Emperor. Both killed and now everyone is fighting over their throne.

1. Game of Thrones and Skyrim are basically the same, aren’t they?

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