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13 Relatable MSN Memories


MSN was the biggest thing for teenagers in the mid-noughties. It was, without a doubt, the best place to go to chat to your friends, get dates, have teenage romances and more! Without MSN, a lot of people wouldn’t have organised planes, wouldn’t have had high-school girlfriends and boyfriends for about a day and much more. We’ve decided to highlight 13 relatable MSN memories that everyone who used the great instant messaging platform will remember doing or having done to them.

1. Appear offline and then online multiple times so your crush could see that you were online

Via DIYLOL.com

Via DIYLOLOh yes, we all did this. You’d often come online and see that your crush was online, however they didn’t instantly message you. Why? I know, I’ll appear offline and online multiple times so my name pops up in the bottom right loads on their screen.

2. When your mate doesn’t reply…

Via Twitter | MSN Memories
Via Twitter | MSN Memories

Yes, whenever friends wouldn’t reply, there’d almost certainly be a bad reason such as they were watching a film or had forgotten to reply to your conversation. So why not bug the hell out of them by sending this infamous wink.

3. Oh and when these were the original and only Emoji in your life


4. And who remembers the rest of these winkz?

Via Twitter | MSN Memories

That laughing woman had me in tears for ages!

5. When you were searching for your friends’ name but everyone had mental names like this…

Via Twitter | MSN Memories
Via Twitter | MSN Memories

6. Without a doubt, these started off being the only way to talk but soon became annoying and really uncool to use!

Via Twitter | MSN Memories
Via Twitter | MSN Memories

7. When someone wasn’t replying you’d spam them with nudges to get their attention

Via Twitter | MSN Memories
Via Twitter | MSN Memories

8. Playing your music in Windows Media Player so everyone could see what cool songs you were listening to

Via hexjam.com
Via hexjam

9. Bullying SmarterChild to get funny responses out of him and then making him force you to apologise before he’ll answer any of your questions

Via x-riku-x-sora-fan-x.deviantart.com
Via x-riku-x-sora-fan-x.deviantart

10. When MSN wasn’t working, you’d instantly revert to this to sign in

Via brothersoft.com
Via brothersoft

11. The infamous “Sorry, got to come offline, mum wants to use the phone for a bit. Brb”

Via blog.dlink.com
Via quickmeme

Kids of today we used to have to do one or the other. Phone someone or use broadband. Oh and MSN used to take about a minute to log into when it first started, just stop and count out a minute now…

12. Setting an away message so all your adoring fans knew where you were and why you weren’t replying instantly

Via steveconroy.wordpress.com
Via steveconroy.wordpress

13. Being so bored you’d play one of the naff games that you could play besides the conversation

Via pcmag.com
Via pcmag

These games included all the titles you can see above and more were brought out later. It was way before Xbox Live or Steam and so was definitely the best way to game with friends online.




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