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Does Earning A Million Really Make You Happy?

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but is there any truth in that? Can earning a million really make you happy? We live in a materialistic world where dreams of huge wages, jetsetting lifestyles and sprawling mansions are very, very common. Many people struggle to make ends meet and they’re unhappy because of the situation they’re in, but would their happiness improve if they were to earn a million?

Less worrying

via Ndtv.com
via Ndtv

Money worries affect most of us, whether we like it or not. Many of us aren’t as financially secure as we’d like to be. Loads of people would say that earning a million would make them happier because they wouldn’t have to worry about things as much. Take away the constant worrying about money and people can focus on more positive things.

Doing what you want

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via Dreamsrocket

In a way money can buy happiness because it can help you get to where you want to be. If traveling the world makes you happy, having money can fund your world trips. If you want to become an actor, money can fund your acting education and can give you the means to travel to auditions and possibly relocate further down the line.

Feeling content

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via Australiaplus

Earning a million can make people feel content. Earning a large sum of money is a sign of great success and many people equate happiness with success – this is because people want success so much and they feel that achieving their dream brings about happiness. Many are happy while they work to achieve their goals, but a lot of people wouldn’t say they’re happy until they’re reached their goals.

Too much money?

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via Inthesetimes

A lot of people are so ridiculously wealthy that they just don’t know what to do with it. They get to a point where the value of money is lost on them because they earn so much of it. They might be financially stable, but they have so much money that they often end up spending it on meaningless things, rather than things that are of value to them.

Money troubles

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via Goodhousekeeping

Many millionaires aren’t happy, despite their huge wealth, because of the problems having such a large amount of money can cause. A lot of family problems can arise when one member of the family is wealthy and others aren’t as well off. Problems can also occur when millionaires adopt a wealthy lifestyle because they feel the pressure to continue earning as much to support that lifestyle and there’s always the chance they could lose their money.


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via Browzer

So does earning a million really make you happy? There’s no set answer to this question because we’re all different and the term ‘happiness’ is exceptionally hard to define. Some millionaires would say they’re happier with their larger earnings, whereas others say they would prefer to be earning less money because of the troubles money can bring. Earning a million can make things easier for you and it can open up more doors, but having more money doesn’t always mean you’re going to have a happy ending.

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