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Can Animals Be Super Cute And Dangerous At The Same Time? Some Examples

There are some gorgeously cute animals in the world. Fluffy ones, bright ones and downright naughty ones. We love to look at photographs of them and visit them in zoos, but did you know that some of the world’s cutest animals are also some of the most dangerous animals to humans?

Here are 19 of our favourite animals that are cute but dangerous:

1. Pufferfish

via Pufferfish-1p.deviantart.com

Just look at that cute, little fishy face! Puffer fish are probably the cutest fish in the ocean, the problem is, it’s also the most deadly. The puffer fish is so poisonous that fishermen won’t go near them without wearing thick gloves. Worse still, there is no antidote to this fish’s poison which paralyses your diaphragm causing the victim to suffocate to death.

2. Deer

via Animalcrossing.wikia.com

Bambi may have tricked us into thinking deer are cute and harmless. This is far from the case. Deer have been known to charge down and seriously injure humans. You especially don’t want to get into an argument with a stag – those antlers are lethal.

3. Slow Loris

via Walesonline.co.uk

The Slow Loris looks adorable with those big, beautiful eyes. How could something so cute be dangerous? Well the Slow Loris is one of a few mammals that are actually poisonous. They release a toxin from near their elbows which the Slow Loris will mix with its saliva. They will then lick this toxin onto their fur to deter predators. The toxin causes anaphylactic shock which can be deadly.

4. Cats

via Wikipedia.org

We’re not talking about pet cats here – although they are pretty lethal too – no, we’re talking about big cats. Whether they be lions, tigers, leopards etc., big cats look very cute but they are deadly. Not only are they fast enough to chase us humans down, they’ll rip you to shreds with their big teeth and claws.

5. Moose

via Tuckerhill.com

Moose look like big goofy characters from a cartoon. They’ve got those big antlers, long faces and big grins. Yet there are more moose attacks a year than there are bear attacks on humans. If a moose feels threatened, especially if it has a baby, it will charge at humans.

6. Dolphins

via Natureworldnews.com

Now you might think sharks are dangerous to humans, they certainly look scary, but did you know that dolphins kill sharks? Although dolphins seem to be friendly enough to humans it should be kept in mind that recent research has shown that dolphins not only kill to eat but also kill for fun.

7. Blue Ringed Octopus

via Nydailynews.com

Not only is this little octopus tiny, it also has those cute little blue rings all over it. In fact, it’s downright adorable. It’s also one of the most venomous animals on the planet. If provoked (such as humans standing on them while paddling in the sea) this little octopus will bite. It’s venom, which has no antidote, can kill an adult in mere minutes.

8. Beavers

via Meatyveganblog.wordpress.com

Beavers look awfully cute with their fur, big paddle-like tail and cute grins. However, beavers are very, very territorial and if they feel you’re infringing on their territory they will chase and they will bite. And with those extremely sharp teeth you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that bite.

9. Bears

via Bbc.co.uk

Teddy bears might be cute to cuddle, but you certainly wouldn’t cuddle a real bear. From those teeth to the giant claws, bears are extremely dangerous if provoked. They are also immensely strong, able to crush an adult with ease.

10. Poison Dart Frog

via Voices.nationalgeographic.com

With their bright colours, smooth skin and little faces, these Poison Dart frogs might be cute but they are far from friendly. As the name suggests, these frogs are highly poisonous. They are so poisonous that tribes use their venom in the tips of blow darts.

11. Raccoons

via Wikipedia.org

With their bandit faces, stripey tails and cute wee paws, raccoons are frankly adorable. There are loads of videos on the internet of these little thieves stealing all sorts from our homes in a cute manner. However, if you try to get between them and their food they will attack with very sharp claws.

12. Giant Anteater

via Oceanbeachbulletin.com

Giant anteaters are gorgeous – especially when they carry their young on their back. But did you know that a giant anteater can disembowel an adult human with just one swipe of its claw? Eek.

13. Elephants

via Wildaid.org

As the saying goes, an elephant never forgets and this is very true. Elephants are the only mammal which is known to remember those that were cruel to it. These elephants are known to return to attack and kill those that mistreated it.

14. Wolverine

via Zooborns.com

Wolverines are small and fluffy. And just like Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine films, they are awfully cute too. Wolverines are also rather vicious, though, and can take down prey much larger than themselves such as a moose.

15. Leopard Seal

via Travelwild.com

Although they generally only hunt penguins, the leopard seal is a curious creature that will hunt humans if the opportunity arises. It has extremely powerful jaws and is capable of pulling a person below the sea to drown them.

16. Pfeffer’s Flamboyant Cuttlefish

via Wikipedia.org

This cuttlefish might look pretty, but with most venomous creatures, bright colours means danger. True to form the¬†Pfeffer’s Flamboyant cuttlefish have deadly poison which can cause a slow and painful death in humans.

17. Hyenas

via Nationalgeographic.com

The Lion King might have made hyenas look like silly, laughing buffoons. Unfortunately, as cute as hyenas might look, they are very dangerous. They’ll eat anything they can get their paws on – including humans – and they don’t even leave bones.

18. Red fox

via Scottashleyphotography.com

This little critter can be seen all over Britain. Its similarities to both a cat and a dog make it very cute to humans. Unfortunately it can also be vicious and host to some unsavoury diseases.

19. Apes

via Chinadialogue.net

Apes such as chimpanzees and orangutans can look very cute – especially when young. But adults have the strength and smarts to know how to rip a human apart limb from limb if they feel threatened.

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