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A Three Legged Pirate Dog & 11 Other Pets Who Won Halloween This Year

Meet Mahle, the three legged husky who got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as a pirate with a wooden leg. This adorable image went viral after owner Kelsey Dyer posted it on Reddit.

Courtesy of metro.co.uk

But Mahle isn’t the only dog to embrace the Day of the Dead this year! Let’s take a look at some of the other contenders:

Star Claws

Courtesy of twitter.com
Courtesy of twitter.com

Fat Cat went as Purrincess Leia this October. She travelled through time and space, lead the Rebel Alliance to victory and defeated the Galactic Empire… but still freaks out over the vacuum cleaner.


Courtesy of twitter.com

Nibbles the guinea pig was always born to “bee” wild, which is why he decided to dress as a honey bee this year. He may look adorable, but you’d better not get too close to his stinger!

Sunflower Pup

Courtesy of themalaymailonline.com

A cute chihuahua dressed as a bright yellow sunflower was spotted at El Olivar Park in San Isidro, Lima at the the Pet’s Halloween Day parade. Let’s hope Nibbles the guinea pig doesn’t bump into him…

“Rockin” Dog

Courtesy of instagram.com

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, noticed this cute little doggy on Instagam, who replicated his famous 90s photoshoot, complete with turtleneck, chain, and fanny pack. One things for sure, nobody’s going to be messing with this dog in the park!

New York Pizza Hamster

Courtesy of sobadsogood.com

It’s time for the infamous ‘New York Pizza Rat‘  to step aside and make room for this little fellow! The hamster featured in a Halloween video that went viral on YouTube last week! He’s certainly stolen a ‘pizza’ our hearts.


Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…it’s Jiff the Pomeranian, aka Bark Kent, aka Superdog! We’re sure he’s been very busy fighting off all the werewolves and black cats this Hallow’s Eve.

Harry Hopper

Courtesy of the malaymailonline.com

This rabbit finally escaped the magician’s hat and boarded the train to Hopwarts! Finally, all those girls who stick a pair of bunny ears on their head can see what REAL Halloween rabbit is supposed to look like!

Devil Pug & Sugar ‘Pug’ Fairy

Courtesy of facebook.com
Courtesy of facebook.com

These little monsters were spotted at the Whitby Goth Weekend in the United Kingdom. Somethings tells us these pugs didn’t ask to be dressed up this Halloween.

And Ring-O Was Him Name-O

Courtesy of 9gag.com

It’s spooky how a wig can turn a dog into a thing of nightmares. This simple ‘costume’ was inspired by the creepy girl ‘Samara’ from the 2002 movie The Ring.


Courtesy of twitter.com

This pooch couldn’t think of anything scarier to go as this Halloween than his arch-nemesis, the cat!


Courtesy of twitter.com

This cat wears the hotdog better than a Dachshund ever could!


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