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Ah-choo! These 5 Animals Sneezing Will Make You Giggle – #4 is Epically Cute!

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it out. As humans we’re always told to cover our faces when we’re about to let rip with a big sneeze. Unfortunately, no-one told the animal kingdom.

Here are 5 outstanding videos of animals letting it all hang out. Of their noses. We just wish someone had told them about tissues!

  1. Newborn horse sneezes and falls!

This beautiful horse and its cute little foal were just trying to get on with their day. You know how it is – bit of feeding, nice canter out followed by some grooming. Whilst a young girl pets the horses and strokes the mother, she doesn’t realise that one of them needs to let something out and the other is in the way. What happens next is very funny – and no animals or humans were harmed (thankfully).

  1. Cat sneezes 51 times!

The thing about cats is, they just don’t do things by halves. Anything you humans can do, they can do better. This sniffly little cutie was determined to prove that she could out-sneeze anyone in the vicinity. How many can you count? The owner reckons 51! Either way, we hope she’s OK.

  1. Puppy Sneezing

This little Pomeranian pup is a definite Oscar winner in the making. The build up to this epic bit of nose noise is outstanding. As are the sound effects it makes when it actually lets go. Who knew that sneezing could be so dramatically entertaining?

  1. Rat Sneezing while Sleeping

Rats. A most misunderstood and gentle creature. Fond of grooming, banana chips and…sneezing. This little chap was most disturbed to have his thorough session of cleaning and washing interrupted by a rogue ah-choo or seven. He still managed to stoically carry on. Mr Rat, we salute you!

  1. Giraffe Sneezing

It isn’t just your common or garden cats and dogs that have the sniffles. Giraffes have nostrils too. We like to think he was simply objecting to the carrots he was being fed. Perhaps he was sick of his mum telling him to eat his vegetables and finally decided to pay back the next person that fed him some. Either way, you can’t deny this is super hilarious!

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