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E-Cigarette Explodes In Woman’s Face, Is It Still Cool?

E-Cigarette’s or vaping has become a huge craze since people have bee put under the impression this is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Often the E-cigarettes are manufactured cheaply and a lot of professionals have disputed the idea that they are better for you than smoking, are the safer choice with more potential harm coming from them and this was definitely the case with Mum of two, Kirby Sheen.

via thesun.co.uk
via thesun.co.uk

Kirby Sheen claimed she was not a regular smoker or user of the E-cigarette, with only two usages a day with the cheaply manufactured gadget. She had opted for this to be safer around her two young children, aged two and five months. However, the safety of the gadget soon came to light one afternoon when the battery exploded, propelling the mouthpiece into Kirby’s eye and leaving her bleeding in a thick black smokey room covered in battery acid. To make matters worse, her 2-year-old daughter was in the room at the time of the incident, Sheen explains, “I got up and looked in the mirror and I couldn’t see out of one eye, but I could see that my face was covered in blood. It was awful. My little girl was screaming because she was so scared. She keeps saying ‘mummy has got a sore eye.’ I’m scared in case she remembers it.”.

via mercury.com
via mercury.com

Kirby’s eyelid had been split and had the instrument been mm closer she could have lost her eyesight completely. After the explosion, she was admitted to an eye specialist where she underwent a two-hour emergency surgery, with more surgery to follow. The distressed mother of two stated, “The operation took two hours and I have been told that there will definitely be scarring when the wound has healed. I’m still in shock. If it had been one 1cm to the left I would have lost my sight. We are getting married next year and I’m worried in case it doesn’t healed before then. My partner and I will never smoke e-cigs again or have them in the house. They are dangerous. I am not a big smoker, I don’t smoke cigarettes and I only use the e-cigarette around twice a day.”

via metro.com
via metro.com

Following the incident, she has reached out to find an explanation from the E-cigarette company but is still awaiting a response. She is also campaigning against awareness of the safety of these products in order to ensure no one else has to go through what she and her family have suffered.


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