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12 Insane Celebrity TV Adverts You Almost Forgot About – #5 is Pretty Dreary!

When you’re a struggling celebrity and the work is slow, you have to do some less than glamourous things to tide you over. Sometimes this means starring in cheesy TV adverts.

1. You almost forgot about that time Brad Pitt and his shirtless friends had a cheesy Pringles party in the middle of the street.

2. And you nearly forgot about that time when P!nk, Britney and Beyonce rocked the arena and Enrique the meaning of ‘girl power’ in this epic Pepsi commercial.

3. Or how about the time Mr. Bean failed to impress a bunch of samurai warriors with his bizarre nunchuck “skills” after eating a Snickers.

4. Who could forget the time when 50 Cent showed off his math skills by counting to nine in this Reebok commercial.

5. Or when Ozzy Osbourne tried to convince us he actually played World of Warcraft.

6. And remember when Bruce Willis managed do something no man has ever done before – received help from an IT support desk.


7. There was also that period in history when David Bowie was a mad scientist who created his very own Tina Turner after spilling Pepsi on his machine.


8. Then there was that time when Ben Affleck forgot he was an award-winning actor and started delivering Burger King to his crushes.

9. You totally forgot about fresh-faced John Travolta singing his heart out in the shower about the merits of hexachlorophene in Safeguard.

10. Of course everybody remembers the time Wyclef Jean sold his soul to a trailer trash family in that Virgin Mobile ad.


11. And that crazy time when they brought Marilyn Monroe back from the dead to advertise Chanel No.5 perfume.


12. And finally we’ll leave you with that time Lionel Richie changed the lyrics of his song “Say You Say Me” just so he could inform us about the joys of Extra Crunch Walkers.


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