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9 Of The Most Highly Acclaimed Netflix Shows You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

It’s no surprise that Netflix is so popular since it’s a treasure trove of films, TV shows, documentaries…there’s so much content available that it would take you years and years to watch everything. It’s easy to stick to the shows that are presented to you on the main page, but if you go digging a little deeper, you’ll find some real hidden gems that have received their fair share of critical acclaim but haven’t yet caught on. Here are 9 of best that you should definitely start binging on today.

  1. The Returned

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Based on the hit French TV show of the same name, this American adaptation is very creepy and somewhat sinister. It’s all about a group of people who reappear from the dead many years after their passing, with no idea they actually died years ago.

2. Ascension

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This miniseries only has six episodes, but it’s been well received and is worth a watch if you’re into sci-fi. It’s set on a generation ship on its way to a star system and when a murder’s committed onboard, it ends up leaving everyone wondering what the real purpose of the mission is.

3. The 4400

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Similar in premise to The Returned, The 4400 sees a mysterious burst of light suddenly deposit 4400 people who have been presumed dead or missing. The people went missing over the last 50 years and all of them return with no memories of the time they were missing and not one of them has aged a day.

4. The Paradise

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Set in the northeast of England, this costume drama follows the lives of the various people who work and shop in the country’s very first department store.

5. The Get Down

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An American musical drama series set in the Bronx in the 70s. It follows a group of misfit friends who are all passionate about soul music and hope to pursue their dreams and make it big someday.

6. The Strange Calls

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A lighthearted Australian comedy focusing on a young constable and his elderly partner as they deal with the somewhat strange calls they get late at night in their seaside town.

7. Rectify

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Daniel Holden has spent 18 years on death row but gets dismissed thanks to new DNA evidence. He has to learn how to reintegrate with society, but the question remains: was he actually guilty or not?

8. Chewing Gum

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An insightful and hilarious comedy about a 20-something virgin whose parents are very religious. Though she’s been brought up quite strictly, she wants to break boundaries and try new things.

9. The Code

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If you’re into government conspiracies, try The Code, which is about two Australian brothers, one a journalist, the other a hacker, who try to unravel an intricate government conspiracy.

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