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Watch This Little Dude Totally Own Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” – It Will Make Your Day!

You’re about to see a mindblowing youngster, totally owning a Justin Bieber song.

This is John Phillip Bughaw. He’s also known as Balang, he’s from the Phillipines and he’s 7 years old.

Most of us can only dream of stardom, without ever actually achieving it but this little guy has already appeared on the Ellen deGeneres show not once, but twice and he’s been a huge hit with the studio audience and the viewers at home.

Here’s why!

Balang’s cover of “Sorry”

This video, only posted a short while ago had already got 30,000 views and he was featured on Time.com yesterday as well.

He’s a smooth little mover, and unafraid to throw all the shapes, everywhere.

When interviewed on the Ellen show last year, it was his first visit to America from his home country. Ellen asked him what he was most excited about seeing now he was in the States and through his interpreter, he comically answered “Chocolate!!”. He even revealed he’d eaten so much of it he had to brush his teeth extra hard so he didn’t get a toothache!

Curious to know how he learned to dance, Ellen asked how he practised and learned his moves so well. He said that “when he heard a song, he could just jive along to it!”

Asked about what he’d like to do when he was older, he said he’d like to be a Zumba instructor so we could all be healthy – that’s such a sweet and lovely idea, Balang!

Here is his smoooooth as silk US TV debut from last year.

Balang on the Ellen show

With his confidence and cheeky personality, it really shouldn’t be all that long before Balang really does have proper worldwide fame. He’s already notched up more than 12 million views of his videos on YouTube and social media.

We love Balang and we hope you do too!

Kit Dwyer
Writer and comedian. I've been freelancing since 2009. The last 4 years I've been an SEO specialist. In my spare time I blog about new music. I will publish a novel one day, instead of telling everyone about it.


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