Did you have any idea these celebrities held World Records?

We all know that (most) celebrities are good at what they do. Of course there are exceptions, but on the whole celebrities are famous because large numbers of people like their singing, acting or whatever other talent they have. Even though they achieve high levels of success we don’t tend to think of them as record breakers but that is exactly what some are.

Beyonce – Record for Fastest Selling Album on iTunes

Courtesy of fanpop.com

Arguably Beyonce has gone beyond celebrity status. She didn’t even need to publicise her latest album and still managed to break the record for fastest-selling album on iTunes. In three days Beyonce sold 820,000 copies of her album, smashing the previous record of 580,000 held by Justin Timberlake.

One Direction – Record for 3 Albums to Debut at No.1

Courtesy of mychordbook.com
Courtesy of mychordbook.com

Even thought they didn’t win the X-Factor, One Direction have been topping the charts and have easily become the most successful act to leave the show. However, it is still surprising that they hold the record for the first musical act to have 3 albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard chart in the US. Just think of all the artists you would expect to have already made that achievement – Beyonce for start!

Jennifer Lawrence – Record for Most Successful Herione

Jennifer Lawrence
Courtesy of thatfilmguy.net

Jennifer Lawrence has been having a very good few years. With incredibly successful movies to her name, an Oscar win and a hit song from the Hunger Games franchise, it seems she can do no wrong. This success has also lead to her being crowned the most successful movie heroine of all time.

Eminem – Record for Wordiest Hit Shocking

Eminem - Record for Wordiest Hit Shocking
Courtesy of harvardpolitics.com

Eminem’s record breaking ability is not that shocking. The fact that there is a record for the ‘wordiest hit single’ is the shocking bit! Eminem’s 2013 hit ‘Rap God’ claims the title with a total of 1560 words.

Hunter Hayes – Record for Most Concerts in 24 Hours

Hunter Hayes
Courtesy of fanpop.com

Hunter Hayes is another singer who has broken a World Record but this time it was for the most concerts in a 24 period in different cities. Hayes managed to stay awake and travel to 10 cities and performed 10 concerts in the 24 hours.

Ellen Degeneres – Record for Most Retweets

Oscars selfie
Courtesy of Twitter

The World Record for most retweeted tweet goes to Ellen Degeneres but she couldn’t have achieved it without a whole host of A-list celebrities. When she decided to take a selfie during her time hosting the Oscars she had no idea that so many people would want to be involved and that it would be retweeted enough times to break a World Record!

Katy Perry – Record for Most Twitter Followers

Courtesy of DayHerd.com

It may not be completely related to her talent as a singer, but Katy Perry’s World Record does have everything to do with her celebrity status. She has earned the record for being the musician with the most Twitter followers!

Miley Cyrus – Record for Most Searched For Pop Star

via people.com
via people.com

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity that holds a record that is more to do with her celebrity status than her singing. She has the record for the ‘most searched-for pop star’. No doubt this is at least partly due to her twerking and other antics for which she has become famous, and not just for her music and acting abilities.

These records have either related to, or at least linked to, whatever the holders are famous for. However, they are not the only types of records that celebrities hold.

Nicole Richie & Rashida Jones – Record Number of Hip-Hop Moves

How many people remember that when Nicole was recording Candidly Nicole a world record was achieved! Nicole and Rashida broke the recordsetter World Record for most hip-hop dance moves in one minute while wearing a single sweatsuit. Which leads to the question – how many people even knew this record existed!

Alexa Chung/Kelly Rowland – Record For Hanging Handbags

Alexa Chung/Kelly Rowland
Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

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Another completely random record was set by Alexa Chung when she managed to hang 20 handbags on the singer Kelly Rowland. A fantastic record to hold if you have to carry a lot of luggage around!