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15 Reasons to be Excited for Captain America: Civil War

*Warning May Contain Spoilers*

As any Marvel geek knows, the Civil War comic series was mind-blowing. It had twists, turns and some very notable deaths. It was epic. But with films often rating lacklustre in comparison to the comics, just how excited should we be for Captain America: Civil War?

Well pretty darn excited if the rumours are to be true. Now take caution, this list will contain possible spoilers for both the film and comic series.

1. It’s basically Avengers 2.5

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Captain America: Civil War will feature all of the ‘new’ Avengers that we were introduced to at the end of Age of Ultron. Never before have we had so many superheros in a film like Captain America.

2. Spider-man!

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Everyone’s favourite genetically-altered Spider-Man will be revealed in Civil War! Spider-Man had a massive role in the Civil War comic series as Peter Parker revealed his true identity for the good of the Superhero Registration Act. It will be interesting to see how Tom Holland plays the role.

3. Red Skull

Captain America: Civil War
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There’s a rumour going around that the superb Red Skull will make a return in Civil War. We last saw Red Skull when the Tesseract transported him to who-knows-where in the first Captain America film. Red Skull is a brilliant villain who deserves more screen time to evolve.

4. Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel

Captain America: Civil War
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Another superhero who played a massive role in the Civil War Comics is Ms Marvel. To not introduce Ms Marvel in the Civil War film would seem a little odd – unless the film plot will vary a lot from the comics. Either way we still want Ms Marvel!

4. Ant-Man

Captain America: Civil War
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Ant-Man might not be the most exciting of superheroes – what’s impressive about a shrinking superhero? Yet the trailers for the upcoming Ant-Man film have been surprisingly impressive. It will be interesting to see how this new character interacts with the Avengers in Civil War.

5. Wasp

Captain America: Civil War
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We don’t know much about the MCU Wasp, in the comics she was in a long term relationship with Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man). However it seems more likely that she will linked with the younger Scott Lang. Either way it’s intriguing to see what part she will play in Civil War.

6. Sharon Carter aka Agent 13

Captain America: Civil War
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Will Civil War be the film where Captain America discovers that Agent 13 is actually Sharon Cater niece of his old flame Peggy Carter? We hope so – that will be one awkward conversation.

7. Baron Zemo

Captain America: Civil War
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Yes! Baron Zemo is confirmed as appearing in Civil War. This is particularly exciting as in the comics Baron Zemo used Civil War as an excuse to assemble his own version of The Avengers but with villains. Called The Thunderbolts, this team was used by the Government in the aftermath of Civil War after being recommended by Tony Stark. They pretended to be good but really, really weren’t.

8. Crossbones

Captain America: Civil War
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It’s confirmed that Brock Runlow will return as Crossbones in Civil War, which is very exciting. Crossbones is a nasty character to be on the wrong side of and and poor Captain America is on his hit list. This should make for some very impressive fight scenes.

9. Blank Panther

Captain America: Civil War
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It’s highly likely that Black Panther will appear in Civil War – in what capacity is unknown. What is exciting is the fact that Blank Panther is the leader of T’Challa where vibranium is mined. Black Panther is likely to have vibranium claws which could scratch Captain America’s shield!

10. S.H.E.I.L.D?

Captain America: Civil War
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In the comics it was up to S.H.I.E.L.D. to train and monitor superheros after they had registered. Perhaps we’ll see Phil Coulson and the team going against Captain America – which could make for some very interesting viewing.

11. General Ross

Captain America: Civil War
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General Ross last appeared in the MCU in 2008 in the Incredible Hulk so it’s been awhile, however a film based on legislation that hinders superheroes is definitely going to appeal Ross. Rumoured to appear firstly in Ant-Man it will be interesting to see where the character goes. Especially if that leads to Red Hulk.

12. Iron Man vs Captain America

Captain America: Civil War
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We saw them briefly fight in Age of Ultron, so the prospect of seeing Iron Man square-off against Captain America again is very exciting. Both are evenly matched so any fight is sure to be epic.

13. Choosing a Side

Captain America: Civil War
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Almost more exciting than the idea of Captain America fighting Iron Man is trying to decide which side each superhero will choose. A decision that the MCU fan base will need to decide as well – will it be Tony or Steve that wins your vote?

14. Will Captain America die?

Captain America: Civil War
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The rumour that every Captain America fan is dreading – will Captain America die like he did in the comics? Hopefully not… but there is a good chance he might. Probably best to bulk buy the tissues now.

15. Will the Winter Soldier take his place?

Captain America: Civil War
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After Steve died in the comics it was the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes who took his place as Captain America. Although losing Chris Evans would be terrible, it would still be exciting to see Bucky take the shield again.

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