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8 Depressing Realities That Reality TV Shows Don’t Tell You About – #5 Really Scared Me!

We all love to watch reality TV and, crucially, we all like to believe what we’re watching is the truth. That’s not always the case though – you might find that your favourite shows are based on lies!

The Biggest Loser contestants put the weight back on.

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We all love to see the amazing transformation of the Biggest Loser contestants, but is the show more damaging than good?

Contestants are exercising full-time everyday as if it is their jobs, so it’s little wonder that once the contestants leave the show and go back to work they put on weight. Some ex-contestants have put on nearly as much weight as what they went in while most have put on around 20-30lbs.

It’s also thought that the Biggest Loser actually puts overweight viewers off from exercising after seeing the gruelling exercises that contestants go through.

Singing contests like American Idol and X-factor aren’t always auditioned in front of the judges.

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Not all reality TV is as it seems. Television portrays shows like X-Factor and American Idol as if the judges view every hopeful contestant. The reality is, however, that you have to pass an audition in front of producers of the show first. This allows the show to put through the best and the worst for the judges – it makes the best entertainment after-all!

High value items are planted in shows like Storage Wars.

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We like to think that reality TV is all truthful but, according to a lawsuit from one Storage Wars star, there is a lot of fixing behind the scenes. Apparently high-value items are planted within storage containers to make the show more entertaining. Stars are even given an allowance to start bidding wars.

The Dutch show De Grote Donorshow wasn’t as horrifying as it might have seemed.

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The world was outraged when a Dutch reality TV show put critically ill people waiting for organs against each other for the organs they needed. Thankfully, the entire show was staged in order to raise awareness about organ donations. And it worked (showing just how influenced we are by reality TV) as there were 7,300 new Dutch organ donors just a month after the show aired.

Ghost Hunters has some scary secrets.

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Not everything is as it seems on the set of Ghost Hunters. Apparently the show employs a team of effects experts, alters footage and even lies about being the first people to investigate certain locations.

Bear Grylls fought a man dressed as a bear.

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Bear Grylls was supposedly abandoned in the wild for Man vs Wild but, as with other reality TV shows, there were a good few lies. For one Bear Grylls was actually sleeping in hotels at night, was supposedly drinking dirty water which was actually a water supply installed by the team, he tamed wild horses that weren’t actually wild and was attacked by a bear that was actually a crew member in a bear costume.

The Duck Dynasty crew aren’t as sweary as they seem.

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Reality TV portrays the members as foul-mouthed southerners, but that’s not always the case. The stars of the show have revealed that producers have added bleeps in when there wasn’t any swearing.

Breaking Amish aren’t entirely Amish.

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The immensely popular reality TV show Breaking Amish had us believe that all the contestants were straight out of a strict Amish community and chucked into city life for the first time. The truth is that the stars of the show had been living outside Amish life for several years beforehand!

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