7 Funny YouTube Channels That Will Make You Laugh


YouTube is the number one site for videos online. It has also, over the past few years, become one of the number one sites for showing off your comedy potential. As a result, there are not only a lot of comedy-based videos online but also some really funny people out there too.

Therefore, as with our other posts, we thought we’d create a list of 7 YouTube channels that will make you laugh if you watch them. We’ll suggest some of the biggest names in comedy on YouTube for you to check out!

1. CollegeHumor

CollegHumor is one of the biggest comedy channels on YouTube with over 10 million Subscribers checking out the channel every day. They cover all sorts of sketches from ‘Financial Tips for BROKE People’ to ‘What’s Inside Hilary Clinton’s Pockets’. Check them out, they’ll be sure to make to laugh!

Check out the channel here

2. Markiplier

Markiplier is a gaming YouTuber but has recently branched out into many more different forms of videos that have really made the internet laugh over the past few years. You’ll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other various bits of entertainment!

Check out his channel here

3. Smosh

Smosh is not only one of the biggest comedy channels on YouTube but they’re one of the biggest YouTube channels full stop. With over 21 million Subscribers, they’ve had movie deals and some big time guests. However, they never forget their routes and post a new amazing and hilarious video to YouTube every single day.

Check out their channel here

4. ERB

Or Epic Rap Battle as they’re better known are an absolutely huge YouTube channel with over 13 million YouTube subscribers. As you can probably tell, they specialise in hilarious Epic Rap Battles with all sorts of crazy people. For example they’ve had Boba Fett vs Deadpool, Terminator vs Robocop, Zeus vs Thor and so many others!

Check out their channel here

5. FailArmy

FailArmy is a YouTube channel that specialises in showing videos of people epically failing in life. Nearly all their videos are of user-submitted videos of some of the biggest fails that have happened in videos in people’s lives! They’re hilarious, as you’d expect and great for killing an extra five minutes or so.

Check out their channel here

6. nigahiga

Nigahiga is a channel that’s been around on YouTube since basically it’s conception. He’s been uploading videos to the site for over 10 years now and, as a result, has amassed over 16.5 million Subscribers who tune into his weekly videos. The videos contain sketches, song parodies and other entertaining stuff. So be sure to check him out!

Check him out here

7. PrankvsPrank

One of the very best channels on YouTube is the PrankvsPrank channel that, as you’d probably guessed, bases itself on a girlfriend and a boyfriend, who, for the past few years, have been pulling pranks on one another. They also have a vlogging channel you should check out which follows their behind-the-scenes and also their daily lives!

Check out their main channel here

Check out their vlogging channel here