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8 Shocking Sleep Habits from Around the World That Will Awaken Your Mind

We humans sleep for an average of 26 hours in our lifetime. But it’s surprising how little we know about the subject that controls our health, our productivity and even our relationships. For example, I bet you didn’t know that man is the only mammal that voluntarily delays sleep! Or that the body never adjusts to shift work no matter how long you’ve been doing it! What’s even more curious about sleep is that not everybody has the same sleeping habits. In some countries, they have unique sleeping patterns that we may find unusual. But if you’re having trouble with insomnia, it may be useful for you to check these out as it might hold the key to you finally having a good night’s rest.

1. Japan sleeps the least.


The Japanese sleep on average just 6 hours and 22 minutes per night! The majority don’t fall asleep until after midnight and wake up at around 7 am. While this may seem like a draining lifestyle, many researchers actually believe this is the secret to Japan being one of the healthiest countries, alongside a high-protein diet. Some say that too much sleep can have a negative effect on your health and cause depression.

2. The USA have the most pillows.

In North America, pillows are one of the most important components of a good night’s sleep, which is why they have an average of 2.2 pillows on their bed. In contrast, Japan has the least amount, with an average bed containing just 1.1 pillows.

3. In the UK, a third of people sleep naked.

This one is a shocker! Who’d have thought of all the countries, the United Kingdom would be one of the most liberal when it comes to wearing their birthday suit in bed? But it’s true – one third of British people snooze naked! Science suggest this method of sleeping can prevent you from getting too hot and reduce the risk of yeast infections.

4. Mexicans have the tidiest bedrooms.

On the other side of the planet, Mexicans are snoozing for an average of 7 hours and 6 minutes per work night. Just under half of Mexicans are reported to have a good quality sleep each night, and that is most likely due to the fact they have the tidiest bedrooms. 82% of Mexicans make their bed every single day, so if you’re having trouble getting forty winks, maybe this is a method you could try.

5. Spain have daily naps.

The Spanish may just be the envy of every sleep lover in the world. In many parts of the country, a siesta is taken in the early afternoon, just after the midday meal. This lasts between 15-30 minutes, and in some places, shops will even close down so that workers can go home and have a power nap! Jealous much?

6. In some African countries, there is no sleep schedule.

In modern-day African tribes, particularly those in Botswana and Zaire, there is no set schedule for which people sleep. Unlike Western societies, they simply sleep when they feel like it, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or night!

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7. Indonesian “fear sleep”.

On the Indonesian island of Bali, there is a well-known phenomenon called “fear sleep”, where humans have practiced sleeping on cue as a way to avoid stressful situations. This method is said to be beneficial, as studies show that a deep sleep can help to calm your emotions and rid your worries.

8. Bedroom scents improve sleep.

One thing that the world does have in common is the regular use of bedroom scents including air fresheners and candles. Around 75% of people across the globe use scents to relax them. The most effective appear to be lavender and jasmine.

(Source: The Global Sleep Survey).


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