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6 Reasons Less and Less People Are Going To The Cinema

It’s probably not shocking news to anyone that the film industry is struggling a little bit. With the dawn of social media, illegal pirating and an ever growing list of solid streaming services, younger audiences are abandoning the silver screen to watch films on their laptops, games consoles, tablets and any other crazy devices that you can plug into on the daily commute. Here’s 8 reasons less and less people are going to the cinema.

4. The People

It’s an unhappy truth, but some people that head to the cinema couldn’t care less about other people watching a movie, and movie watching etiquette gets flung out of the window like a rotten apple core. From people chatting incessantly throughout, to phone screens lighting up faces in every possible direction and a swarm of hungry horses munching away on a big bag of popcorn, it’s sometimes almost impossible to concentrate on what’s actually going on. At my local odeon, you can order hot nachos that get brought to your seat while the movie is playing. It’s beyond ridiculous and pretty stinky as well.

6 Reasons Less and Less People Are Going To The Cinema
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