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7 WORST Valentine’s Gifts You Can Actually Buy – #7 is Just Gross!

We’re not that far away from the most commercially romantic day of the year and all around the world millions of people are wondering what they can do to prove how much they love their partner. We don’t advise making any of these 7 purchases (unless your loved one has a very good sense of humour).

  1. 3. 5. The next step up from matching sweaters

    Forget the Onesie. The Twinsie is where it’s at. The perfect gift for those couples who can’t bear to be apart for longer than two seconds. Revel in the snuggly, fleecy glory of being totally attached to your other half, even when they need to go pee. WARNING: do not combine this gift with item number 3 in this list. It could spell disaster.

    via ivillage.ca
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